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  1. Hi Jerry, I have sent you the video and screen caption of the timeframes to support. Regards Jay
  2. Hi Jerry, I have managed to change the timeframes for SGX futures as well stocks traded on the exchange. Some of the default timeframes such as HKFE and SGX have changed. You might want to update them. Thanks. I have tried to adjust the spin increments, it didn't work. Kindly provide an email so I can send u the video showing the issue I am facing. Thanks
  3. Hi Jerry, It is #USD.SGD on the watchlist. At the same time, could you verify if you could access the intraday chart for SGX stocks. Here is what I got. Here are some samples of SGX stocks: D05.SGX S68.SGX CC3.SGX Attached is IB's trading hours. Thanks.
  4. Hi Jerry, Here is the screen shot of the Spin increments. It snaps from 1.35 to 1.34 and so forth.
  5. Hi Jerry, Hope is well with you. Glad to back using MT after a long hiatus. I believe I changed the mouse setting somewhere but has not been able reset it back where the crosshair can be seen. It is affecting my ability to place order via chart trading as it will always snap all all over the place. I need to know where I can find the mouse setting so I can set it right. Apologies for the newbie question, it been awhile. Thanks
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