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  1. Well not exactly, since my trades are usually open from few days to few weeks... 99999 minutes would be way better ;=)
  2. Yes, I am seeing this green double-triangel icon on the screen. But I really would rather like to see the more informative "capsule" with the horizontal line, which is now shown for all open orders and also for filled orders for a while (until the time configured in the Trading/General is gone?). Could it be done so that if the time was set for 0, capsule would never be removed automatically? Or it would be removed only when the position is closed/flatten?
  3. I really would like to always see on the chart the price where I opened my order, and my current stoploss- & take profit prices. Unfortunately, currently on the Trading/General settings the maximum time for the filled order to be shown on the screen seems to be 999 seconds. Would it be possible to have a choice that filled orders will be never automatically removed from the chart?
  4. Well this is strange; now when I replied to your email, I once again got on error that message could not be sent: support@medvedtrader.com Remote Server returned '550 5.7.520 Message blocked because it contains content identified as spam. AS(4567)' Does this mean that your email system thinks that my emails are spam, or that MS's emails system identifies your address as a spam?? Anyway, the question that I've been trying to ask thru email is about this: "from bank account only please, otherwise excessive fees". What does that actually mean? I'm I not allowed to pay thru Paypal, if my account is using an Amex?
  5. Test email sent, and at least this time I did not get any error messages. But I would rather pay a little bit extra for Paypal than give my credit card number for a service in internet. Nothing personal of course, I just would not want to give it to ANYONE, hope you understand.
  6. Hi again, I've been sending you mail about this issue all over again thru my hotmail- address in outlook.com, but it seems that support@medvedtrader.com cannot be reached?? I've tried if 5 times now during the week, but I always just get this kind of an error: MailEnable: Message could not be delivered to some recipients. The following recipient(s) could not be reached: Recipient: [SMTP:MedvedTrader1@gmail.com] Reason: 550 5.7.1 [CS] Message blocked. Any idea for the reason for this? It's weird that the error message shows an address MedvedTrader1@gmail.com, when I've always used a address support@medvedtrader.com in my mail's recipient- field...? But my actual questions (that I tried to mail to you) was that can I use Paypal account with an Amex attached to it, or is there some problem with the fees etc.?
  7. Thanks Mike, will do that!
  8. Hi! I really like Medved Trader and I would happy to purchase it with the annual subscription. But, did I understand correctly that the only payment method is using a credit card?? For me, and many other also, I think, giving credit card information on any internet page is a big no-no, and clearly a showstopper for the purchase. So my question is; is there any other method available? I would be happy to pay with Paypal or by sending Bitcoins etc.
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