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  1. Jerry I am still having problems and need help to see attachment, what is 5M35VaRu99 under Ally Investment? I do not know how to send a picture of what I see under "Trading/Accounts/Ally Invest... I tried sending a pdf file but will not accept. I have tried all day and need help.
  2. Now when I put in my account number from Ally it says "The username and password you entered isn't valid. Try again" I know what I am entering is correct.
  3. I moved my account from Ally Mbtrading to Ally and now I am unable to to add Ally Invest under "Trading/Accounts" It is asking for me to sign "Authorize Medved Trader access to your account". I was not able to sign the "Access via APIs and External Software Agreement" that popped up on line. I printed and sent signed agreement to Ally, still can't add can you help me?
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