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  1. Morning Im at a bit of a loss as I cant see the logs or code from either side so here's what I think might be happening. it appears it might revolve the content type setting of the email encapsulation. When I send one from MT to myself I see its using base64 encoding and these always fail his parser If I send a cert signed email from my outlook it fails. If I send it content:plaintext its ok If I send it from Gmail plain text its ok So the Base64 encoding may be whats causing it to fail
  2. Ok that has removed the unsub footer that was showing up. Looks like there are some beginning cr/lf 's though as well still. Here's a copy of an email to myself (asterisk added to show beginning) ************ { "message_type": "bot", "bot_id": 371673, "email_token": "a7f2f18f-0b8f-49c7-ae3f-4b839f391399", "delay_seconds": 0, "action": "start_bot"} Any chance a future release would do a replace text with an exact match or maybe Im not doing it correctly? thanks Mike
  3. Ok I found it had to turn on less secure access to the gmail account
  4. thanks I changed to a gmail account I have, account was happy but when I try to use the gmail account in the dropdown keeps saying it cant verify. I tried changing the google account to Less secure logins as well
  5. thanks I'll try the gmail route then, yes I was as well since they have their command enclosed by { } but I guess they didnt take it all the way but they have a nice set of commands to control the bots. I actually use them mostly as a one run bot thats preconfigured for a trailing sell/buy. We were using TV but MT has a much better selection of how we can trigger them thanks MIke
  6. Been working on this to send commands to 3commas. Seems they ar egetting rejected though because there is extra text (and some formatting they said) when they receive it Ive done the replace in my version. I noticed if I send it to myself I get: Now is the time To unsubscribe from emails from mikeo@quiltropolis.net, click here A couple extra line feeds and the unsub message at the bottom. is it possible to eliminate these(Im guessing your going thru an exchange or office 365 mailserver. Also Is it possible to just use our own mailservers? (we do that for a living) thanks Mike
  7. great thanks, I had just started looking at the note field and was wondering if that was the ticket. off on the adventure
  8. Evening Was wondering if you're planning on making the message text in a email alert customisable based on a individual chart paintbar. Currently it seems it always takes the text from the paintbar rule. But Id like to be able to make that text based on my individual charts. That way I can use the same paintbar but change the text based on the coin. I use 3comma's to set up one time run bots that have preset profit/ trailing params and I just need to trigger them. The paintbars would be great as I can have multiple params decisions. a sample of the text to send would be { "message_type": "bot", "bot_id": 380400, "email_token": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "delay_seconds": 0, "action": "start_bot" } thanks MIke
  9. Thanks I was completely overlooking the Alert edit in the lower left in params sorry. Are there plans to allow a custom message text for a given chart. Taht would allow us to send commands based on a given chart thanks Mike
  10. think IM missing a step. I added the paintbar to the chart. I created the paintbar using the simple mode and checked the Alert box and gave it a name But I dont see any place that allows me to edit that alert on the chart? The end goal is to be able to send a custom email message with remote trading ommands
  11. Hi there Thought Id jump here in here as well, Just finished doing some simple scan/paintbars and this is really nice. The only thing missing is the ability to end a email to our 3commas account so we can trigger a buy that has trailing profit. I see its in the prebuilt alerts but not scan/paintbar were a niche hosting company for the textile industry so mailservers arent an issue thanks MIke
  12. MOber

    tdameritrade charts

    that did it thanks
  13. Just wondering. When I add a symbol to my TD portfolio then open teh chart it is using my binance source. I need to do a manual backfill pointing it to TD. Do I need to change a setting perhaps seems like it would use the source for the portfolio that it came from? Its working great btw, its just my learning curve thats slow:) thanks MIke
  14. MOber

    Portfolli question

    ah sorry I had selected my coinbase account and they were gone on the binance chart. When I reselcted my Binance account the account was still showing those canceled orders Guess I have to get use to that. So does a displayed chart show valid data if you change the account still, and it just doesnt show the account activity that it was opened under
  15. MOber

    Portfolli question

    on its way, not a biggy I noted in the log I just sent that I was adding in my Coinbase account this morning and after I finished noticed that chart had cleared those canceled orders but it had been quite awhile
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