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  1. Hello Mike i am not a coder so something point + click or drag + drop would be great e.g. notification when Stochastic K% crosses D% both ways ( up + down ) great idea been waiting for it Regardz
  2. remisha

    MT Beta Request

    hello jerry after all my digging around i have managed to crash my computer , back up and running but MT ( + others ) were lost upon recovery , could i have a new install please. regardz tony
  3. hello Jerry yesterday closed MT as per normal , today open MT and it opens ok , but in portfolio the stopstart light flicks in and out of yellow / green with stocks only showing price at opening of MT not updating .close/open program 2x same thing , during startup the login window does not appear ( commsec ) each time i have closed mt the data login window appears briefly ( data from commsec ) last time i opened mt popup window displayed "" commsec default " . have gone to commsec website and logged in all ok so after all that my question is ;;; how do i open data login window at startup ( commsec ) regardz tony
  4. Hello Jerry do u have any plan to implement the feature of being able to Enlarge Indicator Panels to full Screen via Icon or Double Click or could this please be implemented . thankx tony
  5. remisha

    Not Updating

    hello jerry , after i applied the fix u emailed me the latest version opened , but in portfolio ( not in dashboard ) the error log i emailed u popped up but did not show up in the bottom left corner , well today upon opening the error log showed in dashboard + portfolio , everything working fine just can not open layouts. thank tony
  6. remisha

    Not Updating

    hello jerry, today i tried to DL 2032 , the update starts + quickly closes . i see from AudiC7A6 says that he has build 2311 , i do not get that displayed in update window only 2032 . so far i have done system restore ( back to build 2206 , still shows 2032 in update window , same result , starts then quickly closes ) have tried closing antivirus SW + then DL , same result , am thinking it may be my computer , is it worth doing new install ( do not have backup ) if so could u please email me the link to install. thank you still no error logs in dashboard or portfolio
  7. remisha

    Not Updating

    Hello Jerry, yesterday i downloaded/installed build 2322 , when mt reopened it displayed as build 1.0.5396.1005 didn't worry at the time as was busy . today dl / install build 2031 , upon restart still showing build 1005 . no errors displayed in either portfolio or control panel. i tried shut down computer restart , dl 2031 again still build 1005 please advise. regardz tony
  8. remisha


    downloaded latest build , did as u suggested with option 2 , works great , just what i was looking for , MT just getting better all the time . thankx tony
  9. remisha


    ok , thanks for the quick reply . regardz tony
  10. remisha


    Hello Jerry, atm i use multiple monitors ( 4 ) my preferance is to have 0ne chart open full size per monitor . i currently have 12 symbols in my main portfolio and to check what is happening i have 4 charts per layout hence 3 layouts. my question / suggestion ;; to open each layout i have to go to file within the portfolio i'm in and then select the layout i want , works fine. now would it be possible in a future version to have the layouts sitting on the bottom toolbar ( next to L1 ) for quick access. maybe u have already something like this in place , but duh i haven't figured it out yet. thankx Tony
  11. remisha

    Chart Indice XJO

    Hello Jerry ATM i can not chart either intraday or daily the symbol XJO ( ASX S+P 200 Index ) . I usually just enter symbol e.g. XJO and all symbol come up fine. I use Commsec Intraday set at 3min. Have read the forums . I have tried $XJO:ASX and nothing comes up when entered like that. In the Columns I get : Last : Change : Low : High : Pvs Cls . All other Stocks I watch work OK. Regards Tony
  12. Ok got that . thanks for quick reply . regards tony
  13. Hello Jerry, is there in place or are you able to implement in a future version the ability to Overlay Indicators i.e. two indicators same panel. so far all is good with M.T. regards Tony p.s. could not find this topic in previous posts.
  14. Hi Jerry, can i get BETA please . long time user Q/T regardz tony
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