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  1. Bigbo, I am an electrical engineer, and i also feared the learning curve of C#. But, the kind Medved brothers helped me slide down the rabbit hole into the dark recesses of C#, which BTW, is immensely easier than plain old C. It's amazing how fast you can come up to speed and be writing code. The PB I use for my scanner had a humble beginning but now has grown to 600 lines of code. My suggestion is to use the simple PB editor and just do something like if the close = the previous low then set an alert. Switch to advanced mode and you will see the code and as any good engineer knows it is easier to modify than to create. Then you can add code like Close * .99 if you want the alert to be set when the Close is within 1% of the previous day low. Play around, do simple stuff, look at code examples on the MT website. Check back in a few weeks and help me with my code. :)
  2. I understand that indicators are computed while something like a trend line alert is not. That's why you can't just right click an indicator and set an alert. But, since you mentioned the previous low line is on a chart, you could write a paintbar that checks for your condition and just add it to the chart. You wouldn't have to make it a scan. You would have to make it a scan if you wanted to check all the symbols in a portfolio. It's fairly fast to add or remove a paintbar from a particular chart. Or you could just turn the paintbar's alert on and off. As for "% near", just write it in the C# code that triggers the alert.
  3. Stock777, You have a great idea. When you trade thousands of shares you're always looking at the fill. It could be 1 share of a thousand or 1 share shy of a thousand. I've entered trades only to find the trade ticket had filled with a partial and when I thought I was flat I actually still had a few shares. What is needed a new global "trade filled " alert. Whatever you call it an alert for a partial and another alert for a totally filled order. That would be good.
  4. wilburpost2


    For an eye opening experience when MT is running, open Windows Task Manager and click on the applications tab.
  5. Hi, I've been using this since 1995. It works with my boomer flip phone :) Seriously, most trade operations can be handled by only 15 buttons?
  6. You're not the only one, I have a sound for the $TICK, no need to log, means nothing after the market is closed.
  7. Hi Doug, I'm crazy about noticing something like a startup change. This beta starts the same as so many before. I'm loading many screens and lots of windows. But, I'm running Win 7 so maybe 10 is different.
  8. Same thing happens here, I solved the problem by making a global alert that opens a popup window at 10:00 to remind me.
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