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  1. Donald Q.


    Ps. Wrong emoji in previous post! 😊
  2. Donald Q.


    No need for quotes when we have IQFeed. It's Lightspeed's incredibly fast fills that are desirable when day trading, and willing to pay more ... $2/trade with the group rate I'm on now. 😤
  3. Donald Q.


    Lightspeed offers settlement margin on their Roth IRAs; have they provided you access to their "new" API yet? Just sayin', for you and your friends... :-)
  4. When setting up a linked window in Trade Ideas, you can select from a list of "methods" to perform the linking. Two methods that tend to work well are the "auto type to a screen coordinate that is an input box" and "auto type to a screen coordinate on a window" (those are my names, but describe the action). The first one works the best if you have MT's raw data window expanded to show the input box. If not, the second works well to land on a chart. What you are experiencing is an issue in the coordinate translation of what you've clicked and where that text should end up on the linked end
  5. Another order definition that would be super useful is "BUY/SELL n% of buying power".
  6. Hey Mike! Really excited to see this feature around the corner! My experience with hot keys and buttons has been with Lightspeed; there are two components (1) saved orders and (2) mapping the saved orders to hot keys and/or buttons. Some examples I use: Sell Order (Half Position Size, 2 cents below the ASK) - Position sizes are 100%, 50%, 25%. Buy Order (Buy 1,000 shares 2 cents above the ASK) Sell Order (Sell position 2 cents below the BID, used to bailout of a position) Hot Keys CTRL+1,2,3,n to get into a position depending on the size I
  7. Hello, As an active trader, I'd like to have the Trade Ticket that is linked to a Level 2 auto populate the "Limit Price" field. The price would be that of a price level (bid or ask) that is clicked. A nice to have would be the same for the "Quantity" field. Thank you!
  8. I don't recommend IQFeed's Level II feed as it does not quote anything on NYSE or AMEX. The combination that I'm using currently is: IQFeed for Level 1: TD Ameritrade for Level 2: $Free.99 That said, it would be really nice if MT could partner with someone like Sterling Trading Tech for market data -- https://www.sterlingtradingtech.com/products-and-services/platform-features/market-data/.
  9. Would it be possible to add the "Shortable" field to the Trade Ticket or Level II Window (if provided by select source or broker)? When I pull up a ticker, I'd like a quick visual on whether or not it is shortable.
  10. I'd like to have the Single Regression Channel indicator drawn for a dynamic period of time instead of a set number of last bars. Would it be possible to add these parameters? Current Day: The Single Regression Channel is plotted using all displayed candle data in the current day, market hours only Extended Hours: The Single Regression Channel is plotted using all displayed candle data in the current day, including pre-market and after hours Full Range: The Single Regression Channel is plotted using all displayed candle data (chart period) Thank you!
  11. Working beautifully in the beta, love the new options for fill indicator as well! 😄
  12. I just used the software 😁. For longs, the arrows start pointed in the correct direction. However, if the closing order is a LIMIT, then the arrows paint reversed, whereas they paint correctly if the closing order is a MARKET. For shorts, the arrows are always reversed. Making the indicator a dot/circle could possibly eliminate complex logic, then it's just a matter of color coding, which is always correct in my testing. Also... [FEATURE]: Place the filled order indicator horizontally centered on the candle
  13. Would it be possible to implement the following? [BUG]: Buy order arrow should go UP; Sell order arrow should go DOWN [FEATURE]: Option to use Dot instead of Arrow? Also, curious if anyone in the community has created a color theme that allows the order arrows to stand out? I'm thinking moving the candles to more of a pastel and then keeping the order arrows/dots bright. Thank you!
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