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  1. Hi Jerry, I have several students that I have shared Medved trader with and they are excited to use this over ThinkorSwim. However, they are still relatively new to trading and are still in the portion of their training where they are only paper trading using TOS. Is it possible for these students to paper trade with Medved Trader so that they can develop the necessary mind-muscle memory connection using MT and the various types of conditional orders rather can get used to TOS and then have to recondition using MT. If not, would this be possible in the future? Than
  2. Thanks, Jerry. As always, excellent explanation that helped me understand it more clearly.
  3. I guess Jerry doesn't frequent here much anymore. I hope he is ok health wise and has stayed safe from the coronavirus. If I can't figure out how to use conditional orders or be able to use them the way I envision, not sure what good MT brings me other than more aesthetically looking charts compared to ThinkorSwim. Hopefully I can get some sort of response before my next renewal date or this might be my last month I am with MT. Fingers crossed.
  4. Thanks for the response, Soundwave. What I am referring to as far as keyboard shortcuts is the ability to create hotkeys for specific orders and types like I could do in DAS Trader Pro. For example, I can set up a hotkey and convert it to a button where one click buys 1000 shares at market price, sets a .25 stop loss, and a target of $2.00 Then I can duplicate and change stop losses and target to a new button. I appreciate the shortcuts Jerry has provided us but I really love the ability to create shortcuts rather than just assign hotkeys to predefined shortcuts.
  5. Hi Jerry. Finally got Ameritrade to remove the advanced features so I could use the conditional orders inside MedVed Traders. I was quite ecstatic to see it show up this morning when I launched MT. However, the excite quickly dissipated as I tried to make heads and tails. The first jarring thing is that switching to any conditional order takes away the buy/sell/short/cover buttons I have become accustomed to. Next, while hovering over each of the OTA/ OTOCA, etc... tells me what type of conditional order each tab represents, it kinda stops there. At that point, I have zero idea on whethe
  6. Also is there a way to short which stocks are available to short from Ameritrade as well or will I have to actually use ThinkorSwim to check if a stock is ETB for shorts?
  7. BTW, Jerry, Thank you for an amazing piece of software. Totally changed the way I trade.
  8. When I first installed the trial, I recalled seeing conditional orders under the trade ticket in one of the default layouts. I assume I accidentally closed it out but cannot seem to figure out how to get it to reappear. What I can do to bring these back. Thank you and sorry for the stupid question.
  9. I have been using TC2000 and ThinkorSwim for the last year and have gotten pretty comfortable putting together scans in both applications. However, Medved Trader has completely baffled me when it comes to scans. I watched a couple of the videos on setting up scans and I feel confused. From what I understand, I can only scan from the symbols I put in my watchlist and portfolios and not from the total market, correct? If I am not correct, is there a way set up a scan that can scan the overall stocks to meet my parameters? What I would like to put together is a scan for Liquid G
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