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  1. You are right, MT hotkeys do add some magic to trading 🙂. For me, passing ad-hoc values and reducing number of hotkeys to memorize is two of the possibilities. I am sure others may discover many more ways to take advantage of it. You can potentially phase out exiting hard codes shortcuts for chart frequency and period.
  2. Thanks Mike, you are right, it does work properly if I delete option not needed a change. I hope you recall I requested a feature for special hotkey variable that prompts user for ad-hoc input to be used in hotkey conditional. There are many use cases but it can be very useful to in this case that only one or two hotkeys can perform numerous changes on chart quickly. Other use cases I had in mind was entering ad-hoc limit price, stop price and quantity etc. UI can be simple but functional like CTRL+K hotkey prompt.
  3. Minor issue: When using this feature to change frequency, chart period changes to All data even when no change is selected for period.
  4. Hi, Can you please check Time value column in portfolio? Is this meant to be extrinsic value of option? Help doc says: Option's time value - difference between option price and its strike price But values don't add up. For example. .LSPD_210416C65 Option Last: 6.00 Time value: 0.05 Stock last: 70.95 Extrinsic value= Option price - Intrinsic value. 0.05= 6-(70.95-65) Time value shown in this column is more likely Extrinsic value.
  5. I use MT hotkeys to switch accounts on any window, either individual account hotkey or a single hotkey to cycle through all one by one. I also have a portfolio window where I keep list of all trades, divided by sections. It keeps individual trades in one place and gives me sub-total of each account as well as portfolio total. I keep it updated manually.
  6. MT does not support multi-leg orders, yet. Pending orders show up as single order for underlying ticker. See under transactions tab on Account window. They don't show on chart for me, there can be some other reason for it.
  7. I have similar problem with option trades Questrade. I simply edit symbol in portfolio to add value after decimal. It then works as normal.
  8. I posted my code above but I guess code is not allowed. Plotting Compare Symbol is no problem, it works with or without paintbar. My goal is to track last prices of two symbols, add or substract them and plot a line in lower indicator window. It works fine for more liquid symbols but less accurate estimate when one or more symbol is illiquid. I would like to set alert when net price is closing in my target. There's no last/bid/ask price option for Compare Symbol, I use short time frame to simulate last price. Is it possible? If paintbar parameter could accept string then copying symbol will be easier, instead of updating in the paintbar and having to manage multiple paintbars.
  9. Hello, Is DefinePaintbarParameter limited to numeric values only? Is it possible to accept String as parameter? I am trying to adds prices of 2 or more option symbols and plot a line using SetYValue of this net price for an option strategy. It is working fine except I cannot change symbol on PB parameter on chart. //Defined Vars to use CompareSymbol Any other way to do this?
  10. Thanks Mike, I was able to copy option symbol now by dragging from tiny grey box.
  11. Yes, I know the drag works in some cases, but even so, any reduction of hand movement across millions of pixels helps with carpal. Drag copy/move does not work on option chain window. I currently use right click> Copy symbol and paste each leg in to portfolio window.
  12. Hello, Right click currently have copy feature that I use to copy symbol on watch list, I would like to request a global "Send To" feature that allows sending symbols between any source and other targets: Send to Clipboard Watchlist/Portfolio Any specific open window (chart, level 2, trade etc) To a specific colour link group. Thank you
  13. Any plan on adding multi-leg option order tickets? Do brokers support multi-leg orders through API? IB, Questrade, TD? On related note for options orders, when opening a single trade ticket, default values don't populate (Qty, bid/ask or peg price). When using Trade All from Option Analysis window, MT opens multiple trade tickets for each leg, but option price fills incorrectly.
  14. Pressing Fn key has no affect in MT. Fn+any key is just any key. I agree, shift key size is very convenient.
  15. Thanks Jerry for quick response and explanation. That makes sense. Yes, I noticed that difference on an old computer only.
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