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  1. I use Questrade and it works fine with MT. I had similar issues few months ago when Questrade updated some security settings on their side. I called their support and they walked me through deleting MedVed authorization on their website. Then they asked me to login from MT again. I don't remember exact steps, but it helped. I suggest you call them, hope you get a smart person on phone. Not sure if matters, I don't use Questrade for data in MT. That is only when they don't allow you to login to multiple platforms. I can keep IQEdge open all the time with live data.
  2. For closing order, you don't need two sections for order, unless you are doing something else in second section. Prefer to define one set of variables first then use same in all conditionals. For closing short position, use abs(pos) for quantity in condition if Pos<0.
  3. I noticed the hotkey button in chart and hotkey template designer in trading settings. They appear to be non-active at the moment in chart or trade ticket windows. Will this feature be available in next beta release to test basic orders? Is optional account numbe r specified in argument as actual broker account number?
  4. No doubt! Kudos for always being their for MT users.
  5. These are all good ideas with collective brainstorming. I look forward to implementation, I am sure there will be multiple iterations to accommodate everyone's needs. I do want to add that if you can give option to use both hard number and relative % to calculate various items. For example, when scalping, I scale orders by having multiple stop limit orders between 0.25% and 2% of last price for 100 shares each. A 1000 share position may have 10 stop orders. Can there be a hot key that moves all open orders for an instrument by +/- n ticks or %? This will be like manually trailin
  6. Hello Mike, Here's a feature request I posted some time ago, see if this can be incorporated https://forums.medvedtrader.com/topic/3449-order-entry-template/#comment-17224 Hot keys for trading are major time saver, most beneficial for day trading, but I see myself using to manage basket orders, multiple bracket orders and sending executions for multiple broker accounts quickly. Creating and moving Trailing/stop limit orders. As mentioned above, TWS allows saving preconfigured orders as hotkeys/hot buttons, which is great except TWS itself. :P There is DAS trader Pro th
  7. Sorry, this seem to be problem only when extended hour is on. When extended hour is set to Never, backfilling works and time stemp is correct on chart. But raw data time stamp is still 7 hours off.
  8. Hello Mike, I only cleared the chart data, did not back fill manually because it was set to backfill automatically after clear. Backfilling auto or manual with Questrade datafeed does not backfill candles data under 5 minute. This problem does exist for IB datafeed in current version or Questrade in older version as mentioned earlier. Sending you requested backup through email.
  9. Which data source did you test with? The raw data is showing time stamps for trades +4 hours. I have an older version still running on an old computer, 1.1.8802, this problem is not showing there with same data source. I'll package the settings and send to you. I did clear backfill and that didn't fix the problem. I exported the settings/data, but where does it go? Didn't give any option to save.
  10. Is this related to following issue?
  11. I have two watch lists, one uses Questrade as data source and the other uses IB. The symbols in Questrade watch list show wrong time for chart candles and raw data. When extended hour is selected to anything other than Never, the candles time is off by several hours. This recent issue since previous one or two Beta updates. The symbols from IB show chart times and raw data correctly. Screenshot attached, it was taken around 12:30 PM EST. Application general time is set to -5:00 UTC(Eastern Time zone US/Canada)
  12. Thank you, looking forward.
  13. Surely, performance should not be compromised in general. But there may be use case where someone can temporarily accept some performance degradation in lieu of efficiency, and load a group of windows together on demand and close them together when not needed. For example, some studies/charts or scans etc that are used only occasionally. How about snapping and sticking two or more windows sides and move them around together when building layout, can be "unsnapped" manually or time-out if any issue with performance? Thanks
  14. It is possible due to Windows Aero Shake feature. It minimizes all except shaken window. You can restore all widows but shaking it again. You can disable this feature as well. https://www.intowindows.com/how-to-enable-or-disable-aero-shake-in-windows-10/
  15. Hello, Is it possible to create a feature to group windows together or add in to one window so that it can be floated anywhere on computer, minimized opened and closed independently. Thanks
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