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  1. I restarted, and know it woks normaly. Thanks
  2. Ye for the second answer, but I want to see the close position of the day, but not from yesterday. I will try the 1st answer later, and I will let you know. Thanks
  3. Hi I didn't touch anything but I don't know why, I have the yesterday portfolio.
  4. I had it in the portfolio, but when I noticed the difference the symbol was no longer in the portfolio.
  5. The pictures are from friday during the market, sorry but when I look the market I use the chart, and I never, sorry for this, refresh my chart during the market, may be I should be, but take a few time Sorry but I don't have something against you and I don't try to do something or I don't know what, If I say this, it's because it's something I met with the platform, not because I like to write on the forum.
  6. Soryy but not, your candle are wrong, I did during the market was open on friday last.
  7. Hi as you can see 1 of my order have been taken at 4.82 at 16:15 Here, with you platform, you can see the low of the 16:15 candle is at 4.8601 (even the previous candle low is 4.84). Here, it's the chart from IB and you can see that the candle is correct, the low is 4:80 This show that your charts are not correct and don't display the reality of the market. And you can also see the next candles are completely wrong and missing on your chart.
  8. May be, but not sure, because (so we don't see it in the picture) there is a X in top right of the window and if I clicked on it it doesn't close the popup.
  9. Sorry my english is limited, if you ca't understand that I show on a video, I drop, to waste time for me, sorry and thanks for try.
  10. Now In fact I can't catch it. I have a line stop at 2.12, if I try to catch it, line go down by itself to 2.02, then back to 2.12 by itself too, capsule or line, is the same thing, no difference.
  11. Im not sure to understand your quesion, Video is not clear? You don't see my mouse take the line stop and try to move down? Then the stop up back by itself.
  12. Are you serious? And this one, is it outside? https://wetransfer.com/downloads/1467e756b90ec842352b13f29163580c20200619143602/e72aeeefdce922914d73c1da294eadac20200619143602/fc3bfc
  13. Hi a new bug A message from IB appeared, and this popup stay there, impossible to delete it, and for arrive to delete I had to close by task manager your platform. I beleived it was from TWS, so I closed first it, but the window stayed there, and finaly deaseppear after I close you platform
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