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  1. Hi actualy the problem seems come from IB. As you can see it's currently 10:07 but time for SAVA (chart frozen) is at 09:58
  2. Hi I sent you log, today issue with srne No more than 100 symbol in scan+portfolio+watchlist+... or they are hidden.
  3. Ok but 1) there is no more than 100 symbols 2) it worker during a while then stop to work, and why no permission for this symbol and permission ok for other one?
  4. So from a frozen chart I bought for have in my portfolio, and it's frozen too. But why data doesn't work propely and other symbol and charts can works propely?
  5. Hi This is good but not that I'm talking about. You it's volume/price level, I would want volume/candle.
  6. Hi Is it possible to implement this kind of volume? Thanks.
  7. I will do it next time for see what happen.
  8. Sorry but what do you mean by quotes? If it's the level2, the answer is no, it doesn't work for all chart just 2, and if by quoites it's datas, yes it works, but why doesn't work for only 1 symbol? There is no sense!! And there is not more than 100 symbols.
  9. Ok but if it's the quotes, why the others charts works??🤔
  10. Also you can see, all the stock are ok, only nkla is frozen. If I put an other stock on the chart of nkla, the chart work well, and if I put nkla on an other chart it's frozen too.
  11. Hi frozen again. This happen only for nkla. If I put this stock on the chart, the T&S and chart are frozen, but when I change the ticker in the IB level2, the chart and the T&S work again but data are missing on the chart?? 🤔 Very strange behaviour!!
  12. Hi, not in portfolio. I don't know why, and as the last time after I restarted my computer everything came back fine, and this time some problem with IB too. So thanks again for you answer and ty to help.
  13. Hi again completly frozen and no more than 100 stock list.
  14. Chalp

    Add column

    Hi Is it possible to add relative volume and ATR in the choice of column we have in the watchlist please? Thanks
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