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  1. I agree. But something is better than nothing. It's a hack but it think it's a brilliant hack and it can be done quickly. I am sure you will do it in a better way but then there is no timline yet and my guess is it's not going to be for the next few months/years.
  2. I am not sure I understand. It's just creating Web URL with paramters filled and there should be an api in the language you are using to send the a URL to a browser and then browser starts in a new window/tab with the trade ticket filled.
  3. From their Website How it works The Tradier Brokerage web site has a pre-built trade ticket that implements equity, options, multileg and combo orders. Any account holder can use the Tradier Brokerage web site to execute orders. In an effort to build on the work we’ve already done with this ticket, we’ve provided an interface to allow external parties to pre-populate a trading ticket based off of parameters.
  4. Well, you don't technically need a trade ticket, in this case. If you look at at API, it actually creates the Trade ticket on Tradier website. You have to execute the trade ticket on their website. When the user clicks the trade button on an option spread, it simply opens the Tradier website with a populated trade ticket based on the parameters sent. From the example on their website https://dash.tradier.com/tradelink? class=multileg&symbol=AAPL& option_symbol[0]=AAPL220617C00270000&side[0]=buy_to_open&quantity[0]=1& option_symbol[1]=AAPL220617C00280000&side[1]=buy_to_close&quantity[1]=2& option_symbol[2]=AAPL220617P00240000&side[2]=sell_to_open&quantity[2]=3& option_symbol[3]=AAPL220617P00250000&side[3]=sell_to_close&quantity[3]=4
  5. That's the point I am trying to make. You have a conditional flag. Just need to remove to remove that condition. Also, have you checked out the API? It's very simple. There is no error checking or anything to be done.
  6. Sorry to be so persistent
  7. Jerry, can Option spreads trading be enabled for Tradier using their Tradelink API. It's a like maybe less than 10 lines of code. -Tarun
  8. Any timeline for supporting multi-leg option spreads?
  9. Webull app doesn't support GTC order for option spreads (it does support GTC for regular options) but I noticed that Medved supports GTC orders for spreads. Is that natively supported or is it that the orders are placed every day before the market open? Never mind. Looks like spread trading doesn't work at all. Is it going to be supported?
  10. Same thing happened on April 27 where the Plow shown is 12.159 while the real low on 4/26 is 11.32
  11. I think this is true for all the crypto charts. I have seen the same issue with other symbols too.
  12. Chart attached. Might be true for Previous high too.
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