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  1. Right and I’m just trying to compare volume at 10:30 today to avg volume at 10:30 the last 20/30 days.. so I guess it’s down to figuring how to code that “% of the day” value via some kind of code related to time
  2. so out of sheer ignorance, is pace a % value ? thanks
  3. I will look at that - I get that volume distribution is like that but if current vol % say is 30% but you are only 10% of the day done that would probably be useful and that’s what I am trying to do (among other things) thanks
  4. Sorry for multiple posts had another thought - if I am not mistaken the existing vol % compares average daily value for 20 days to today - so really - all I would have to do is take that value and devide it by the % of the day that has past - every (rounded off) 4 minutes of the trading day is another 1% of the trading day
  5. I rolled my own poor man’s version because any stock in a portfolio that’s back filled has individual tick data in medved - so I have to query each say 20 last days up to current time - add up the volume ticks and weigh for time of day - very ugly and quite slow (and isn’t integrated at all) but in theory the data is already there I guess the right way to do this now that I think of it is export those 20 previous days in advance into a database
  6. ok so - can you point me in the right direction of how this would look like in the scanner ? thanks
  7. Yes this is the same thing basically - I’ll give your examples a shot
  8. Hello all, I'm looking for a way to replicate something comparable to volume buzz/volume sizzle that you see in other products, I've rolled my own version of this by downloading tick volume data I have in Medved but it's a cumbersome process obviously - wondering if anybody has had any success of doing this natively via the screener or api somehow, thanks (the following is from TC2000's explanation) A stock's volume for the current day (let's say at 11:32am) is compared to its average historical volume for the same percentage of the day. The volume buzz tells you how far ahead or behind the stock is based on its normal historical activity. A volume buzz of +250% means the stock is trading 250% more than normal for this portion of the day. A figure of -50% means the stock is trading at only half of its norm for this portion of the day. A figure of 0 means nothing unusual is going on in either direction. thanks
  9. Hi quick follow up to this - I don't THINK this is accessible via the API but I am wondering if this data is, in fact, there - is there a way to get a TOTAL VOLUME number for a specific timestamp that's stored locally? I got it to sort of work by bulling the time range and adding it up but that's obviously insanely inefficient. thanks
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