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  1. Disregard, found it, new indicator. Cool!
  2. Is it added to the latest beta (if I am reading release notes correctly)? If so, how to activate it?
  3. IS this already in that last beta? Installed this morning, but still see some overlapping.
  4. Definitively, I would also like to see some solution for this. I also keep both $ US and CAN with QT.
  5. Sorry, my bad, didn't look carefully, thought those are actual indicator values.
  6. On, the left. I don't have that on any indicator and I was looking for it everywhere.
  7. I see those numbers on the left, cool!
  8. 1. Yes, but not practical with multiple charts open AND when you mostly use keyboard shortcuts 2.Yes, but from my understanding, there is only one generic size applied to all charts. 3.TV has 3 options for this: Of course, even with TV and NO overlapping, indicator height has to has to have certain height.
  9. For some indicators with more than 2 values, the same can overlap. So, how can I make them (without resizing window): 1.Both visible Or preferably 2.Show only selected value For comparison in TradingView, you can enable/disable overlapping or turn on/off desired values.
  10. Is that "Trading - Capsule Font Size"? When I increase it, it doesn't increase upper text proportionally . If possible in the future, I think it would be better if it can be pre-set. Till I click to select it on the chart, it can be already too late.
  11. Both I am with, Questrade and TradingView (with pre-market option) have Prev Close at 16:00 which is workaround for now, but I want to have it with MT. I am running 1500 scan of Webull in MT. Maybe the same could work with setting scan start time at 16:01 (have no idea how). Will try with Volume last min > 0. Thanks.
  12. Yes, looks promising, but as Jerry confirmed in another post, Webull doesn't update Prev Close till market open, so Pre Market scanning doesn't make sense
  13. gnc

    Pre market Volume

    Look ok after 9:30. Behaves weird. When I add symbol in Portfolio scanned by Questrade, it "kind of" automatically updates second Portfolio scanned by Weibull. Looks like Weibull doesn't do "Previous Close". Can it be confirmed? Need to test more.
  14. gnc

    Pre market Volume

    Looking volume (in portfolio) at pre-market and looks like it shows volume + % including previous day. Also on Hist. chart, daily bar shows previous day + current pre-market. How to set Volume + % to show only (on both Portfolio and hist. chart) : Previous dat after market + current day pre-market?
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