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  1. I agree it can be tricky for different users, stocks, forex, coins, etc. So, just In my case (only US/Canadian stocks), answer is simple, SMA 2.4765637123 = 2.48 At least that what do I get with other platforms I use, Questrade, TradingView, Interactive Brokers and Webull.
  2. I guess still no updates.
  3. That's very real real life scenario when you unplug for e.g. hdmi cable or power cord, but lets say it's ok, but still, I am not clear, when you put back monitors as they were and load saved layout, why it doesn't bring back previous/saved window layout.
  4. I have 2 4k monitors with the same resolution, but scaled to 100 and 150%. After unplugging 1 of them, everything showed on one resized and that's ok. But when I plug back both and try to fixed this by loading saved layout, all MT windows come in the center and now I have to waste time putting them back in place. 1.Why saved layout doesn't bring saved layout on saved monitor? 2.How to prevent this the future? 3.When I have all MT windows on one monitor, what the best way to move them all to another monitor?
  5. Stuff that shows in dropdown. No sound for both, those 3 build-in and also System sounds. On its own all system sounds work from Sounds control panel. MT Dashboard also shows in Volume, turn on to maximum. Also in App volume and devices preferences everything is on max.
  6. On new machine, after installing fresh MT, can't get any sound for notifications. No sound when I click on Play button in Alert Editor using build in sounds. Any idea?
  7. It could be you have the same issue I have with IB and Webull, where WB doesn't update the last day close price and volume, while IB does (in PM and AH only). As soon as I set WB as source in Portfolio window, I get spikes and crazy volume on the chart. But, on the other hand, I get Time & Sales working great vs crappy IB. At 9:30 and during regular market hours, things sort out.
  8. That would be great and I wouldn't mind paying extra for MT.
  9. It's already enabled for my account. Question: Where is OFS field (one from Trading Ticket for T-Stop Limit) in Hotkey Editor (when T-Stop Limit is select)?
  10. Am I setting this wrong or something is not right. Issue 1: When default order is LIMIT, then you open TT window and change to T-STOP LIMIT, OFS field is populated with "1". OK But, if your default order is T-STOP LIMIT, then you open TT window, OFS field is populated with "0". Issue 2: When default order is LIMIT, then you open TT window and change to T-STOP LIMIT, LOS field is populated with "0.00" OK But, if your default order is "T-STOP LIMIT, then you open TT window, LOS field is populated with "0" So no DECIMALS. Anyways, small things, but the question is: If my default order is T-STOP LIMIT, where I can set default for OFS and also default offset from OFS for LOS field? Example: bought for $10 and when I open TT window, I see $9/8 in OFS/LOS fields.
  11. Works fine now, after removing Webull from Settings > Trading > Accounts. At least I haven't seen this issue so far.
  12. Hi Jerry, any progress on this? Plus, see volume label, can I change it somewhere is setting to show millions. thousands with M/K instead of whole number?
  13. Where do you see halt price in MT?
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