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  1. After I install the McAfee Total Protection I can't login no more. It give me an "App Error: Unable to connect to the remote server"
  2. the chart setting is Renko, 100bars, and 0.25%. 1 minute candles work. I need Renko charts
  3. Charts frozen very often, even I close and restart the program or restart the computer. It still frozen. It only happen on Windows 10.
  4. Charts keep frozen on Windows 10, this been the 8 times of this month. It doesn't have this issue when I am using on my Windows 7 computer. Please fix this issue for Windows 10 user.
  5. I set Alerts for Option Chain, below or above market price it does not giving me any notification when criteria meet.
  6. when I open a chart, It take 15 seconds to load. I am using Windows 10 Pro 4 Quarts cup, 8 GB Ram, 300 GB SSD with these hardware it shouldn't take that long. Is Medved Trader compatible with Windows 10? Can you fix this issue. I upload a pictures.
  7. When I try to download the setup file this come up: "This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep MTSETUP.EXE anywary?" See attach picture! Do you have a safe way to download the clean install file?
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