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  1. Hi All, Is this a bug? How can this be removed? I appear to have an orphan buy transaction of FTEK since November 2020. I am not holding any positions in any securities. I've learned to live with it—just a little annoying. Thanks.
  2. Hey Jerry, That would make a lot of sense. I just tested by selecting the symbol in my Medved Trader positions window. It worked! Medved correctly canceled my pending order and placed a market order to exit the position. Thanks again!
  3. Hi Jerry, I thought that might be the problem based on the first screenshot in the thread. I realize it's after hours, and the market is closed. I installed the beta and tried, but fear the same result based on the below screenshot. I'll try again tomorrow and report back. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi Jerry, The flatten feature did not submit a cancelation for the sell limit order. I manually canceled that order and tried to flatten again, and Medved trader did not submit a market order to close out. I have provided more detail below and screenshots from Medved trader and Webull. Please correct me if I am wrong. I understand that the flatten feature should cancel any pending orders and submit a market order to close the position. From 11:20:12 to 11:20:19, I attempted to flatten the order, which should cancel the sell limit and place a market order to close out. This did not happen. So, I manually canceled the sell limit order at 11:20:25. Webull accepted my manual cancelation. From 11:20:31 - 11:20:37, I tried again to flatten the order without success. So I manually submitted a sell market at 11:20:43 to close out. Please note the screenshots from Medved Trader is PST and WeBull is EST time zones.
  5. Hi, I have tried to flatten positions multiple times over several months without success on Webull. I placed the below live order to test the flatten feature. 11:13:56 - Placed a live buy order for testing 11:15:57 - Manually placed a sell limit order to test the flatten feature 11:20:12 - 11:20:19 - Attempted to flatten position multiple times without successful 11:20:25 - I manually canceled the sell limit order 11:20:31 - 11:20.37 - Again, attempt to flatten position multiple times without 11:20:43 - I manually placed a sell market order to close the position Any thoughts is appreciated.
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