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  1. It would be nice to be able to pull in stock fetcher scans, etc right into MT. Then be able to create portfolios, watch list, etc
  2. well I tried replacing the ameritrade acct/password with a different one.... It worked! Then I went back to the original.... It works now too! I hope it was just a fluke.... Not AT playing games with the new MT program feed!!!
  3. Just started today. regardless of what the b/a is the "last" just keeps repeating the same value over and over again. It does the same for all other tickers just a different "last" value repeated over and over.
  4. So far so good! I love using the beta version. Any possibility of adding integrated "trade ideas" like the old version of quote tracker? Thanks!
  5. jenjen

    Request for Beta

    Hi Jerry, Would it be possible for me to be a beta tester? Thanks, Jenny
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