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  1. Hi, Thanks for the great replies. Thanks for working with me on this. Without a doubt, I'm doing something wrong, just not sure what LOL
  2. When looking at the historical charts. Specifically the SS 14,7 indicator, it shows gradient lines at 20% 50% and 80%. I wanted to flag a ticker when it goes through that line (20%) , but is under the 50% line. Now the scan does flag stocks, but when I look at their historical charts (SS 14,7) they are all over the place some way over 80, some in range and some under 20, so I'm confused as to what data is what ie scan results vs historical charts.
  3. The line when it would be going in a uptrend. The green line I think. However, yes that is what I am trying to do.
  4. Hi, Well looking at the historical chart I wanted to flag SS when it goes over the 20% line, but be below the 50% line with 50% of the average volume. That's what I want to do. I tried to define it as 20% as a line or a signal. Neither seemed to work. IT seems like a simple thing compared to what others are trying to do, so I am sure I am making a bonehead mistake.
  5. Hi, This is what I'm trying to do, but again when I look at historical it doesn't match Thanks!! public void MainCalculation() { if (SLOWST_Signal > 20) { return; } if (SymbolData.Volume24 > 50) { return; } if (SLOWST_Signal2 < 50) { SetColor(Color.White); SetScanResult(true); } }
  6. thanks for the quick reply. I will try it and get back with you!!!! TY!! Oh BTW I tried historical and realtime did not see any change but I will post the scan.
  7. Hi, I had a question. Trying to scan for when Slow Stochastic breaks above 20 and is below 50. The scan works, but when I look at the historic charts the numbers are not right. This is using the default Slow Stochastic parameters. For example, if I setup a simple scan to flag any ticker that are under 50, I get all kinds of different results. Nothing consistent. This seems like a simple thing to do, I must be making a simple mistake, or the historic charts are not the same numbers that the scans use. Could someone help me out?
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