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  1. I don't see that in my sell hotkey. I have a Var and Conditionals section. Then an Action section with Order and Drop and Send. But if I click on the Send box there is only "true" and "false". However, I could put in another Action section, placing it above the existing Action (order) section (presumably the Actions get executed in sequential order from top to bottom?) and then select Cancel / Open "All". Is this a correct use of the Action section?
  2. I believe the reset can also happen after pressing the buy button (as opposed to pressing buy and then sell). Also, can you prevent the grey share size selector boxes from resetting after a hotkey is pressed. I don't want them to change (unless I click on them).
  3. Here is what happens: 1) click on one of the grey tabs to select number of shares (incidentally, why does this strip not always appear, I find it useful and would like it to automatically appear in the window). Eg I select 100 shares. 2) press the buy button, buy goes through ok. Then press the sell button, sell goes through ok, but it clears the number of shares set in the trading window (they are set to 0 not 100). So, I can't simply press the buy button again - I have to select number of shares first. This is inconvenient.
  4. I am using the trading window on Level 2. I set the number of shares by clicking on one of the grey boxes, use the buy hotkey, then the sell hotkey. This all works ok. The problem is that now the original number of shares that I set is no longer selected. No share quantity is set. Please can you prevent any resetting of the share quantity (and any other parameter that might be changing) just by pressing buy/sell hotkeys. This behavior doesn't make sense.
  5. Eg, if I send a bracket order and then later use a sell hotkey the bracket orders will still be on the system. It would be useful if a cancel open orders command option could be incorporated into the hotkey script to be automatically applied before the sell order.
  6. I suggest giving more examples (complete examples with all typical values/variables filled in) in the help. eg buy / sell / buy with stop / bracket order with 1 profit target / bracket with 2 profit targets. This would make life easier for many people I think.
  7. Mike, can you just take 3acor's hotkey (for a close of an existing long position or a short position). Sell on bid or ask (I can change this later) All values can be default (but leave in the variables in case I want to change) Thanks
  8. I agree with 3acor. It is restrictive to not be able to use shift-letter. And I would also like no globally reserved hotkeys. Especially, please don't reserve any Fn keys.
  9. 3acor, When (if) you get your sell hotkey working can you do me a solid and post a snapshot of the entire text here? I have been trying for several days to get this working but haven't figured out how so far. Thanks
  10. Arg

    hotkey to buy

    I bought with a hotkey - works ok. Then I try to sell with a hotkey and I get Order Quantity of 0 error (see snapshot below). When I press the sell hotkey it changed some parameters in the trading window..eg it changed the quantity box to 0 and also TIF and I think some others. So it seems the problem is that pressing the hotkey is changing the trading params.
  11. Arg

    hotkey to buy

    It works now...I hadn't filled in the correct section.
  12. Arg

    hotkey to buy

    I mean sell hotkey of course. It's a nice feature to have the hotkeys take default values from the trading window. The default share size was set - so it shouldn't have been zero. AFter using the hotkey the trading window got reset...changed appearance, eg share size options changed, and also share size was set to zero.
  13. Arg

    hotkey to buy

    Hi, What's wrong with this buy hotkey...says 0 position size
  14. You are right. There is an action section below that wasn't set. However, the Order option in the action section is greyed out. The others are selectable. Is there anything in the variables section that is preventing the Order option from being selected?
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