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  1. Is it not possible to establish an API for an outside scanner such as TWS Scanner which can scan the whole market then have the user filter/screen the results on MT?
  2. Would that option though try to do an auto backfill on charts that are already backfilled, thus taking more time for the charts to load?
  3. Hey, I have Auto backfill intraday and historical charts turned off so the charts load faster. However, I am using an outside scanner where I constantly input tickers from and load charts but its a bit annoying to have to manually backfill them specially if there is many. Could there be an option to Auto Backfill tickers not in Portfolio when loading the charts on them? Thanks
  4. Hey, In SETTINGS>CHARTS>DISPLAY/ INTRADAY CAPTION TITLE, can you add an option to only have "Symbol/Freq", right now there is only "Symbol/Period/Freq". It's a bit hard to see clearly the frequency at first sight specially if I don't need the Period. Thanks
  5. Hey, Can it be in Bold so it becomes more clear and easier to read?
  6. 1)Yes I know you are talking from experience. I just asked in terms of questions wondering how it is done. Sorry what do you mean by 9-9:30? If someone starts MT at 8:30 wouldn't he backfill at 8:30? 2) I have auto-backfill turned off in the portfolio as it slows the scanner performance. Is there any other way to do it? Again I am just wondering Thanks a lot
  7. Thanks for the reply. 1) Wouldn't you need everyone to have MT start at the same time to have that happen? What if the backfill is set to run after "x seconds" that MT started or there is an option to chose whether the user wants automatic backfill or not, it would still be a problem? Doesn't manual backfill place a load on the servers too if everyone does it at the same time? 2) I would do it often if that option is available
  8. Hey, 1) I have auto backfill turned off in SETTINGS so I manually do intraday and historical backfill on three different portfolios everyday which is a bit annoying (:P). It is possible to have auto backfill portfolios on start up? 2)"Show filled orders" in CHARTS > TRADING. I have multiple linked charts together (6+). Is it possible to have an option to check/uncheck "Show filled orders" on all the charts linked together rather than having to do it one by one? Thanks
  9. Is this still in consideration? Would be a really great and helpful feature
  10. Possible not have Fib. retracement overlap y-axis price?
  11. I know there is "Annotations unique per chart" in SETTINGS but is it also possible to have an option in the parameter box to have a certain annotation like the Fib retracement display on one chart only? Reason is I have other annotations that I would like to share across charts but would like to see Fib retracement on one chart only as it looks more clean
  12. Oh I see thanks. Damn its in front of me I should've seen it
  13. Thanks a lot for the reply. yea I meant Fib Retracement. But how did you change the values to get those %?
  14. Hey, Thanks for the R/R tool. Would it be possible to have it in a way that it shows the R/R in increments: R1,R2,R3,R4.... For example, if long at 10$ and stop loss is 9.9$. Risk is 10cents. So the tool will show: R1(Reward1) at 10.10, R2 @ 10.20 R3@10.3 ... up until how much the user defines. So the user decides if he wants it to show to R7 or R10... Could also have a choice to whether the user wants to show the RR in terms of $ or % (10cents or 1% in this above example) This is great as it helps us be more systematic/mechanical knowing when to take profits and not give a lot of profits back So if I am up 6R, I say that worst case I will take profits if the stocks goes to 5R
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