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  1. Is this still in consideration? Would be a really great and helpful feature
  2. Possible not have Fib. retracement overlap y-axis price?
  3. I know there is "Annotations unique per chart" in SETTINGS but is it also possible to have an option in the parameter box to have a certain annotation like the Fib retracement display on one chart only? Reason is I have other annotations that I would like to share across charts but would like to see Fib retracement on one chart only as it looks more clean
  4. Oh I see thanks. Damn its in front of me I should've seen it
  5. Thanks a lot for the reply. yea I meant Fib Retracement. But how did you change the values to get those %?
  6. Hey, Thanks for the R/R tool. Would it be possible to have it in a way that it shows the R/R in increments: R1,R2,R3,R4.... For example, if long at 10$ and stop loss is 9.9$. Risk is 10cents. So the tool will show: R1(Reward1) at 10.10, R2 @ 10.20 R3@10.3 ... up until how much the user defines. So the user decides if he wants it to show to R7 or R10... Could also have a choice to whether the user wants to show the RR in terms of $ or % (10cents or 1% in this above example) This is great as it helps us be more systematic/mechanical knowing when to take profits
  7. Thanks for the update. Small issue. The changes will take effects across other charts only if the line is dragged, unless this is intended
  8. I have "Annotations unique per chart" unchecked. I draw a line and I change the colors and thickness but it won't change across other charts. it will only change if I enter another symbol then go back to the same symbol I drew the line on, in this case SNAP.
  9. If I copy the symbol to the other portfolio, the Note will be transferred. But if I type the symbol in the other portfolio it won't transfer
  10. Is the "Note" for the same symbol not transferable by default on another Portfolio?
  11. I know what I am asking is too detailed since it can be already done but it could be a good idea to have more than one "Note" column and be able to change the title "Note" to something else such as "Float". So instead of doing something like in the picture below, I can do it in separate columns which looks neater
  12. oh.. the "Note" column is useful to have the Float and Sector written on them since there are no column for those
  13. yes I know I cannot enter any texts on the Watchlist, but I mean the column itself doesn't save on the Watchlist So if I close MT, the "Note" column doesn't save, I have to insert it again. I am not talking about the text inside the "Note" but the column itself
  14. Thanks. Would be great if it can be saved as I use it on multiple watchlists
  15. Hey, If I have the "Note" column in Watchlist and then I close the Watchlist or I close MT, the "Note" column doesn't save. I have to insert manually every time. Is this on purpose?
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