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  1. Maybe I had an Else If statement that was returning the same results that was bugging it? Or maybe it is me who is doing something wrong Anyway looks like it is fine now
  2. if (Last > Prev_Low && Last < Prev_High && Last > EMA20) { SetScanResult(@"bullish"); SetColor("blue", Color.Blue); } Last,Prev_High,Prev_Low are Variables based on Horizontal Line indicator. Apply it to TSLA on the 120min Frequency
  3. I meant when applying the paintbar to previous data. I apply on 120min frequency, the paintbar shows on the candles. I then change frequency and go back again to 120min frequency and the paintbar won't show anymore. Unless maybe something wrong in the code
  4. So I am putting a paintbar on for example a 120min timeframe, if I change the timeframe and switchback to the 120min TF, the paintbar is gone.
  5. So If I am taking the Bollinger Bands value it will take whatever value was on that bar and not whatever the Bollinger Bands value is right now, correct?
  6. Hey, I have 4 monitors and I am running 22 charts, 1 Watchlist with 20 symbols, 2 scanners on around 100 symbols, News window, Account View I am experiencing lagging quotes and charts take time to load. I am using an old i7-4820k with 24GBs RAM on Windows 10 64bits. I ran the same layout on my laptop i7-8750H, 16GB DDR4, windows 10-64 bits and it seems faster and not much delay. 1) Is this normal to happen? 2) If so, I will probably need to update my PC and I am wondering, to run this Layout, what requirements would I need in terms of CPU,RAM, Graphic Cards.... Thanks
  7. It seems that it is taking the high/low of the candle and including ETH (even though "Reg. sessions value only" is checked) rather than the HoD/LoD during regular session
  8. I meant to say NBBO in Level I Quote Panel. That's great. This does the job for me. Thanks a lot Jerry, I appreciate it Would it be possible to send me that updated version?
  9. Yes I understand that the level II would be empty but I thought the level II window would at least show the top Bid and Ask line along with Bid size and Ask Size(NBBO). Anyway way to display it? I know there is Show Quotes in Charts but it doesn't show the Bid Size and Ask Size. (Would be great and appreciated it if it does )
  10. Yes IB only good for execution. So I just subscribed to Quotestream to give it a try and I know they only provide Level I data to Medved, however I cannot see the Level I data (Bid, Bid Size, Ask, Ask size)
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