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  1. I previously ran into performance problems when the AntiVirus I was using interacted with MT. Now I run an AV program that allows exclusion of those programs/directories used by MT and performance has been smooth.
  2. 1) yes 2) usually people use $xyz where xyz is a stock symbl - I don't know if you can use the Twitter API to fetch tweets by that search key, but the search function in twitter does let you find tweets by symbol per that convention.
  3. please create new alert types for tweets 1) Alerts based on tweets from specific @people tweeting on specific $stocks or $futures (explicit $symbol) 2) Alerts based on tweets from specific @people tweeting on any $stock or $futures Thanks.
  4. This request is not fully thought-out, as it just occurred to me and i thought I'd jot it down... Here goes: It would be nice to be able to pick up tweets from the twitter feed, as they relate to stocks that one is following, and then display on the intraday (or historical) chart(s) where those tweets occurred. Since it is possible that a stock may have a lot of twitter activity, you'd want to be able to specify not only tweets by symbol ($XYZ) but also filter them by a select list of @handles for people whose tweets the user is interested in. Example : Plot tweets on $XYZ based on handles (@vrtrader64, @medved, @benbernanke)
  5. Thank you for implementing the (very flexible) alert feature. I do find that it is cumbersome in dealing with large numbers of symbols and alerts, and I propose an alternate UI to access at least a subset of the alerts functionality. One disadvantage of the current implementation is that when multiple alert conditions are set up for a single-symbol alert, each condition must be accessed/edited separately. So for example if I have alerts on both bid and ask, I cannot see the threshold for the bid when I am editing the threshold for the ask. The more criteria one specifies, the more confusing things get with having to remember what the thresholds are, or keep switching back to the ones needed for reference. As an alternative, I propose a simple grid UI from which 90% of alert functions can be accessed directly. This could be an additional UI that supplements rather than replaces the existing alerts editor. My proposal has the additional advantage that quote information could be used to directly create thresholds via drag/drop. Here is a mashup done with Excel, to show what it may look like:
  6. I have not tried this, but maybe it is possible to synchronize MT files through a cloud storage like DropBox
  7. when reading the news items, can you make the focus switch to the pane over which the mouse is hovering ? I.e. if I am hovering over the headline list, that has focus; if I move the mouse to the reading pane, that gets focus. This makes it faster to use scroll wheel / keyboard to scroll and get around.
  8. auto-removing is good as it prevents garbage from accumulating, but does not allow the user to revise about-to-removed annotations. Would you consider adding an object inspector ? It may also be useful in other ways.
  9. After some time, a user may accumulate a number of old trendlines and fib lines and other drawn objects scattered throughout a multitude of charts. In some cases the user may want to update the drawn objects; in other cases remove them. But there is no way to quickly find such objects, so it requires visiting every chart. There ought to be a way to find, view and if needed revise/remove these objects from a list. This may be similar to the quoteGrid, but would have columns that correspond to the object type. From the list, the user would bring up the relevant chart for revision.
  10. Hi, can you add a context menu option to erase older headlines from the All-News headline list? Example: "Erase Older Headlines" would remove all headlines earlier than the one currently selected. (It is cumbersome to have to go back to the Dashboard and select a smaller number of days to accomplish this, and I prefer to keep a longer history for review- until I am ready to clean things up.) Thank you.
  11. Hi, I notice that when I use reading pane to read news, the focus transfers to the browser in that pane. This makes the scroll-wheel on my mouse unable to scroll through the headlines. It also disables the keyboard from interacting with the headline list, so Up/Down,PgUp/PgDn etc. no longer work. I can get around this by first single-clicking again on the headline, but would prefer not to have to. Can you bring the focus back into the headline list right after the news item is loaded into the reading pane browser? Also, when the focus is on the reading pane, I notice that not all hotkeys work as expected. I can use PgUp/PgDn and Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn, and Home/End, Ctrl-Home/Ctrl-End; but I cannot scroll through the reading pane one line at a time with the up/down arrow keys, like you would be able to do in a regular browser.
  12. OK: I just discovered the "Scroll here" option of the scrollbar, available through right-click menu - I guess that is standard Windows and makes a separate Scroll-to-Start/End redundant. So nevermind.
  13. Right, the hotkeys are there - what is missing is buttons that do the same things when clicked with the mouse. Like the ones in this other platform's chart:
  14. Hi, please add buttons that work like the hotkeys Ctrl-Home and Ctrl-End to quickly jump to the respective beginning or end of a scrollable window. This is useful in a number of cases, including Charts, Raw Data, and the News Windows. Thank you.
  15. Hi, thanks for adding new extended hours options. I would like to suggest something for your consideration: Please change the handling of Extended Hours to specify explicitly (in the timeframes options) which hours are to be included and make those hours shaded in the chart. Example1 (RTH: 09:30->16:00, ETH: 16:00->17:00) would be used for Canadian equity markets. Example2 (RTH: 09:30->16:00, ETH: 06:00->09:30, 16:00->20:00) would be used for US equity markets. If there are no trades during the time in question, so be it- the space will be blank, but at least charts will be consistent when switching symbols. (Currently the amount of horizontal space in each chart varies according to the outside-regular-hours activity seen.) Thanks again for the awesome work you are doing.
  16. I suppose the 64bit plugin is the way to go. But in case there is no default handler for the file pointed to by the URL (it may not always be a .PDF) it would be best not to block the dialog, but rather bring it to the front (if possible.)
  17. Hi, I ran into an issue when reading news items with the reading pane enabled. Some news headlines have URLs that point to documents which require an external viewer, such as .PDFs. With the reading pane enabled, the action of "reading" such items causes a modal "file open" dialog to open behind the news window, hidden from view. To the user it seems that the action of reading the news item has failed. (invoking the external browser does not cause this problem, as the external browser usually has a plugin for handling .PDFs) In the screencap below I show the dialog, after I moved the News window aside. Can MT detect this occurrence and bring the modal dialog in front of the news window? Or maybe there is a different way to handle it, by detecting that the URL points to a non-HTML file ? Thank you.
  18. Hi, it looks like the Symbols listed for Canadian stocks in news headlines coming from Google news source contain character codes instead of being properly formatted strings. See screencap here: so instead of [symbol]:CA, MT shows TSE%3a[symbol] I'm not sure if you will convert the pattern "TSE:" to mean the MT format for Canadian stock, but at least you can replace the ASCII hex with the actual ":" character. Thanks.
  19. oops, I missed that ! (it was set to Hide) consider me schooled. (but could you retrieve the news item automatically upon headline selection instead of requiring double-click?)
  20. (sorry, the above should have been in the Feature Requests section)
  21. Hi, please consider the following: it should be possible to read news headlines in the news window instead of invoking the external browser. (i.e. add a reading pane to the news windows, both "All News" and "Symbol News".) It should even be possible to have the news item retrieved automatically when a headline is selected. This wouild be time-saving and also would use less screen real-estate. (you can retain the option to invoke the external browswer, for those that prefer it.) Thank you.
  22. OK, thanks. I find it useful to quickly toggle the display of extended hours trades on/off. Could you add a button to the chart, or else create a menu option that accomplishes the same thing when added to the QAT? Here is an example from the Nexa platform (the little clock symbol in the bottom right corner) to toggle EH on/off:
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