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  1. I'm posting this, because I see that some indicator (EMA) values and Fib line levels have too many digits in my historical chart. Maybe there is a specification somewhere that I missed ?
  2. Can you please add a right-click menu option to create a line parallel to the currently selected line? Thanks.
  3. A little different request - related to pairs. Currently MT supports ratio (relative) charts but only line charts. I would like to plot ratio Bar charts (historical and intraday). Like so: Thanks.
  4. Backfill-all does the trick to speed transitions from one symbol to another. If you scheduled a backfill-all task it to be optionally done at startup (like Auto-Backup), that would be sweet.
  5. With auto-backfill, switching symbols in the QuoteGrid with symbol-linked historical charts triggers a backfill. When the selected symbol has not been used in a while, the amount of data requested can be substantial, which generates lag while the backfill takes place. I am wondering if it is possible to backfill missing history for symbols in active QuoteGrid even when they are not selected. This would best be done during times when MT resource use is low. If this were done, switching to a new symbol would instantly create the needed chart.
  6. My 2c worth: MT already has a vast number of built-in indicators. Once you add user-codable indicators, requests like this one should be handled by the user community. So maybe it is better to focus on other areas for development.
  7. OK, I will reduce max days on charts. BUT I wanted to emphasize that MT is quite snappy when I first start it in the morning, then gradually slows to a crawl by about 3PM. Also, the large memory use is seen toward day's end, not when I first start running. So maybe it's not all about days of past data. Could there be a memory leak somewhere in MT?
  8. I was growing used to the speed of MT being top-notch, but lately it seems that as the day goes on, performance slows down considerably. By the time the US/Canada Equity markets are near the close, MT feels really sluggish. Switching charts is slow, and even scrolling in the QuoteGrid is laggy. I do monitor a large number (near 300) low-activity stocks, and a small number (half a dozen) of highly active ones (like SPY, GLD). My core i5 Desktop has Win7 64bit and 8GB RAM. I use a SSD for my primary drive where the data from MT resides. CPU usage hovers near 25-30% (almost entirely
  9. Right, that chart shows no Extended Hours - but that suggests a way to show intraday pivots in padding: treat padding as a pseudo-extended hours display. This is turning into a feature request more than a bug report.
  10. 1. Thank you. 2. Maybe it's too hard to do, maybe not. Just consider it, so if inspiration strikes, you may upgrade chart padding to include future dates. 3. Please refer to chart below - it is a 3min bar intraday chart drawn today (before the open - with padding.) I believe it should have today's pivots (based on Friday, Jan 2's data) even during the premarket. They should be in the padded area instead of Friday's pivots, which are based on Wed 12/31 data. Friday's Pivots lines should end at 16:00 on Jan 2 since I am not showing extended hours for prior days.
  11. Here's a hand-modified chart showing how MT could project pivot lines into the future, and label x-axis with future dates if padding is enabled I notice that there is not trouble extending hand-drawn lines into the padded area, so pivots could be drawn there too, right ?
  12. 1) Yes, I was looking at a historical chart and noticed that pivots are drawn in for only a small part of the "padding" area - would be nice if they extended across all the way and to touch the Y-axis. 2) On time-based intraday charts, I don't see why you could not show time scale beyond current day (if padding selected). It would obviously not have data, but could serve as a useful place into which trendlines could be extrapolated; or pivot lines extended. 3) Intraday pivots are based on daily data, so it is clearly possible to calculate tomorrow's pivots after today's close. So if yo
  13. When padding is added to a chart, a couple things should be different (i think) : 1) Pivot line indicators should be extended into the padding area, to help visualize potential support and resistance levels. Example of how Stockcharts.com does it: http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=GDX&p=D&yr=0&mn=7&dy=0&id=p37160368203 2) The time scale should extend into the "future" as necessary and display upcoming date/time values in the x-axis, accounting for the selected trading calendar. 3) When pivot line indicators are selected, if a chart has padding and the data p
  14. Happy new year and many thanks for all the great work you guys have done. Best to you in 2015 and beyond.
  15. Great, meantime can you please add a user-selectable symbol link for the "Price Relative" indicator ? This would make it easy to select a comparison symbol from a QuoteGrid instead of having to edit the parameter manually each time a different comparison is sought,
  16. An idea for a powerful / easy-to-implement new feature: Please add a new table for the user to create / select / analyze pairs of related securities. The table would have two columns, each column being assigned a pushpin color. Selecting a row in the table will select the corresponding symbol pair which (through symbol-linking) will load data into the relevant charts / data tables. Example: Column1 (Red) Column2 (Blue) SPY KO GDX ABX QQQ AAPL An alternative implementation allows independent pushpin
  17. Hi, I would like to know if you can support trading through yet another Canadian broker - CIBC.
  18. I understand multiple instances of a symbol in a portfolio, where you may track different sub-positions. But in watchlists they seem useful only if a symbol is used in different sub-groups (if one sub-group is minimized) So, maybe disallow duplicate symbols in watchlists unless used in different subgroups ?
  19. I will say this one more time - you guys are building a fantastic product. Thanks again. And I will add a request to the many I have made, for a (semi-)unique feature: please add a new chart type to plot Instrument X vs. Instrument Y. Removing the time dimension enables the analysis of the relationship between two instruments: you get insights unavailable by just looking at an instrument's time history. Example: a single stock's price vs. that of its sector ETF When plotting data, the user should be able to specify: dots or blobs for each data point (dot for last vs. las
  20. Thanks - I do consider it a low priority but worthwhile enhancement; when you look at it, consider making chart windows dockable into tabbed parent window as well.
  21. OK, I tried subgroups, and already found two things that make them hard-to-use with long lists: 1) scrolling through the list to find the [-] / [+] symbol to minimize the subgroup is tedious. 2) sorting by column sorts all subgroups - if the quotegrids were on separate tabs they would retain their sort order Will you consider a tabbed / dockable QuoteGrid container ?
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