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  1. Please enable multiple symbol selection in QuoteGrid, and add cut/copy/paste to right-click context menu. Consider this proposed functionality : 1) I am in Portfolio1 QuoteGrid, and I select one symbol by click, or multiple symbols (by ctrl-click) ; 2) I right-click and now have the (new) ability to copy these to clipboard (or delete/cut them from QuoteGrid); 3) I move to Portfolio2 QuoteGrid (another portfolio window) - and I can paste symbols from clipboard to QuoteGrid. Thanks for considering these suggestions.
  2. Understood about independence of charts - but - since "freezing the trace" is what we are discussing, I would like for there to be a way for the trace to remain visible and frozen as one is moving the mouse from one chart into another. It's really important to be able to move to another chart without things moving around on you unexpectedly; and without having to be super-careful about mouse placement in the process of moving from chart1 to chart2.
  3. I see what you are suggesting, and it may be OK - some people may even prefer it to what I propose, which I clarify below. What I meant is that it is helpful to be able to purposely freeze the trace temporarily, so moving the mouse does not disturb trace position. This is very useful when moving into a 2nd trace-linked chart. I partially achieve this effect by right-clicking in 1st chart, which brings up the menu and makes the trace disappear, but at least does not move....until the mouse moves into the 2nd chart. What I'd like is for the trace to remain on the screen, frozen until
  4. This may warrant a new thread, but it is trace-related, so I will ask here for a tweak to how trace works. Currently, I have trace "always on", and I I have trace-linked multiple different time-frame charts. I can move the trace in one chart, and it will correspondingly move in the other linked charts - as expected. However, if I want to move the mouse from one chart into another, without disturbing the trace position, I cannot easily do it - the sensitivity and speed of MT makes it easy to disturb the position of the trace in moving to the other chart. So I would like to "freeze"
  5. vrtrader64


    1) thanks 2) I sent you an email - I really think it would be fantastic to have access to Level2 analytics / alerts in MT. 3) thanks 4) understood that alerts would mean extra code runs on each symbol's every alert, so performance would depend on number of symbols / alerts - just hope you don't put in a conservative limit up front and; let users explore the outer bounds of what is achievable depending on data feeds, memory & CPU.
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    Some requests, related to alerts - please ensure the design is sufficiently generalized to enable the following features w/o too much re-tooling of the code 1) alerts based on conditions in QuoteGrid (e.g. bid>=ask; BidSize / AskSize above/below threshold); 2) alerts based on conditions in L2 order book (e.g. sum of # shares at specified bid levels suddenly shrinking below a threshold) 3) capture alerts into an "alerts queue" for review by the user; when user is reviewing queued alert for a given symbol, make it easy to quickly jump to trading for the relevant symbol. 4) allow for
  7. I'll jump in here to mention that frequently, when I click on the Minimize All button, it does not work - nothing happens. When I switch to another running program, and then go back to MT by clicking on title bar of any MT window, then clicking on the Minimize All functions as expected. (I had previously reported this in a Bug thread, and it's still happening.)
  8. Is there a simple "one-click" way to toggle on/off ALL indicators in a chart (short of loading a different template) ?
  9. I mentioned this because stocks that are ex-dividend will often show a drop in price due to the paid-out dividend; if one is not aware, largish dividend payment may result in what looks like "bargain" prices which actually are not.
  10. Right - thanks. I circled the "open" on that screencap to show that info is missing from the Stockwatch feed.
  11. I use Stockwatch and I monitor some lower-liquidity stocks. In some cases I see quotes reported with a High, but no Low price (and no Open) - this is probably a Stockwatch problem, however MT does introduce a little bug in that the Range (calculated from the High-Low) uses 0=Zero for the missing low and is thus incorrect (range should be 0=Zero). See example in below screencap:
  12. 1) Can you think about using the time/date of the last quote to zero-out rows in the QuoteGrid that are not from the current session? 2) I am not using another feed for FBGX or any other US symbols (but I do have Stockwatch feed active for symbols that have :CA suffix). I don't see how I could have the #trades field populated for just one symbol and not others via the TDA Feed. 3) same as #2.
  13. Hi, I am monitoring some US stocks in premarket with TDA feed and I see some issues in the QuoteGrid. 1) Stocks with NO volume yet in today's premarket (FBGX) show "leftover" data from previous day: Open/High/Low/Close/Volume/#Trades/Avg Trade,Gap,Range. Should be blank until first trade of current session ? 2) Stocks that DO have volume in premarket do not populate the #Trades column (AAPL, BABA, etc.). Should show # of trades that occurred in premarket ? 3) Market Cap and Shares Outst. fields are zero for all stocks except FBGX in this example. See screencap here: R
  14. 600MB sdata.bin available for test (but I wonder why the "Date Modified" on the file is 9/29/2014 - since I used MT every day)
  15. Hi, Regarding data files. I track a large # of stocks and i found that in the folder C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\2GK\Medved Trader\Temp\Streamers there is a large number of backfill files, including for really old dates, or symbols that I no longer follow (they are no longer in any portfolios.) Will these files ever get deleted, or will they stay ? I assume it is safe to manually delete them, but maybe the cleanup of the unnecessary backfill files can be part of data consolidation procedures in MT?
  16. I use multiple charts at different time frames, along with the trace link group. It is nice to be able to move back and forth to see what happened when; however it is too easy to inadvertently move the mouse and "mess things up". I.E. lose your place. Especially when moving from one chart to another, where the intent is to use the mouse pointer as a visual aid. To avoid this, it would be nice if you could implement a toggle to freeze/resume the trace following the mouse. A single-click in the chart area would serve as a toggle, with the trace remaining on screen (unless the mouse p
  17. This issue persists into the current build. Maybe it's not MT specific, but has to do with Windows itself? (I use Win7 and have disabled Aero.)
  18. For streamed tick data, please add a counter to track the number of changes to the BID and ASK quotes. For each stock this counter resets at the beginning of a trading day, and increments on every BID or ASK change event. Alternatively, you could have separate counters for BID changes and ASK changes. It is analogous to but not the same as the number of trades. This counter would be helpful to analyze the less liquid stocks that some of us specialize in. Thanks !
  19. I see - thanks for including that. Perhaps, a more general approach would be to allow user to specify horizontal lines at 2 arbitrary levels within the RSI subchart? Maybe even make them "draggable". Consider this a low-priority feature request. My motivation for even asking this is that I read an interesting alternative interpretation of RSI as a trend indicator (as opposed to overbought/oversold) ... here: http://fatf1nger.wordpress.com/2014/09/17/introductory-rsi-post/ Cheers.
  20. Hi, Could you highlight a stock is x-dividend on the day that this happens, similar to the way you have a light-bulb for news? Maybe a little red X can light up (until clicked on) just to the right of the symbol, when the stock is x-dividend. This can be very useful ! Thanks
  21. RSI indicator has default horizontal (dashed) lines at 30, 50, 70. Shading in green/red also occurs when RSI value is over 70 / under 30. I guess these give the "standard" overbought/oversold indicator. In some cases we may want to deviate from the standard...so is it possible to: 1) allow customization of the lines' values (i.e. other than the default 30,50,70) - for each chart ? 2) optionally suppress the display of horizontal lines/corresponding shading - again, for each chart ? If not currently possible, could you consider that for a future release? Thanks
  22. OK, I guess what I am trying to imagine is how the QuoteGrid would behave while MT is in REPLAY MODE. I would like to see the entire quotegrid populated with Replay Data when MT is in REPLAY MODE, if possible. Also, I would like to be able to step through (bar-by-bar or tick-by-tick) instead of having MT just "play a movie" for me. Will that single-step function be part of the REPLAY MODE ?
  23. Great - when you say "not QuoteGrid only", does it mean you could also REPLAY the entire QuoteGrid ? That's what I would be interested in. Also, it would be really nice as part of REPLAY functionality to capture&replay Bid/Ask quotes (maybe just sampled every 0.5s.)
  24. QuoteGrid Replay would be useful, to do forensic analysis of multiple instruments. MT would allow the user to explore the recent past in the QuoteGrid (using 1s resolution data derived from ticks) and view last/bid/ask quotes using either a slider or cursor keys to step back and forth in time, just like you can do now on a charts and RawData windows. (MT would still capture quotes into the database if the feed is started, but the QuoteGrid would switch to "replay view" mode) Can it be done? Thanks for all the great work done so far.
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