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  1. Excellent! The following questions are probably premature, given that your plans for this "language" are in the making, but bear with me... I am wondering if it will be possible to access the L2 order book data from within the language (it would put MT at the top of the pack in terms of capability) Also, will it be possible to access account-level data (margin use, open orders, etc.). If yes, will this be event-driven, or will polling (snapshots) be necessary? I am thinking along the lines of being able to develop entirely automated trading strategies, which would need feedback
  2. This may be asking too much, but is it possible that in addition to built-in indicators, MT could implement an easy-to-use language so end-users may code custom indicators or functions? (See AmiBroker and Quantshare for examples of such languages, along with Tradestation, Multicharts, SierraChart and NinjaTrader)
  3. Speaking of crosshairs and keyboard action, is it possible to allow for the crosshairs to be moved left/right using arrowkeys? Sometimes it is easier to do that, than using a mouse, esp when moving only one tick at a time. Thanks!
  4. just found out about this - fantastic ! - I had used and missed QT for years. (quote provider = Stockwatch; broker = IB) Beta please?
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