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  1. No, it still doesn't work with the new install. The trade log only shows coinbase pro fills. No binance us fills.
  2. I set up a global trade fill alert (and account specific alert) and it doesn't work as expected for binance us. No notification sound, pop-up, and does not show up in the alert log for fills. Trend line alerts are working.Coinbase pro fill notifications are popping up fine and shows in the alert log.
  3. Works perfectly now. Thanks alot Jerry!
  4. Sent, Thank you! I made 2 small test trades between 542pm ET and 547pm ET. First one was Coinbase Pro and 2nd was Binance.US.
  5. I didn't use Kucoin until this past year but experienced one short outage recently. Way fewer than I have with Coinbase Pro. Not sure if that's any indication of reliability. Other than that, it's been pretty smooth. Thanks for the update.
  6. I use Coinbase Pro and Binance US for crypto trading. I noticed that S/L orders (Buy) do not work as expected for Coinbase Pro. I use the DOM window. When I place a stop limit buy order above ask price, it executes the order right away as a limit order. When I place S/L buy orders on Binance US, it works as expected. Why doesn't it work for CB Pro?
  7. Love using MT for crypto trading. Any new exchange support coming in the near future? Perhaps Kucoin/Kraken?
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