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  1. Gord

    cross hair cursor

    Also got the quote box off. Though, when it is there, if it shows the time, the time in the box versus the time on the bottom of the chart differ with the time in the box being behind by 2 minutes.
  2. Gord

    cross hair cursor

    I found how to toggle the data off.
  3. Gord

    cross hair cursor

    The Trace box seems to be identical to the quote box which I have up on several charts. When I go to 1 of those charts I end up with 2 quote boxes on screen. Is there a way to eliminate that? Also, in the "cross hair data" screen capture, you can see the data obscures the candles. Can the data points be toggled off?
  4. I expect the warning when I exceed Questrade's ridiculously low symbol parameters but now seeing instances when below.
  5. Gord

    cross hair cursor

    I've been looking through the settings and can't find it how to change my cursor from a small cross to a full screen cross hair. I know my friend Kipp has it but he can't recall how to change it either. Thanks.
  6. Questrade. Don't see any prices in portfolio window if I'm looking in the right place.
  7. Jerry, I can see the upper or lower body on the candles move in real time. Here in this example on TGT the quote box Last price matched the yellow highlighted price on the Y axis but the Bid Ask values are not corresponding. You can see from TGT1 to TGT2 the prices that are trading are shown by the candle not the bid ask quotes. Does this make sense?
  8. Only 1st example this morning was an option. The others are stocks. The 2nd chart was accurate but 3rd and 4th not. .5 minute charts with good volume. Just seems improbable. Would the quote box & axis indicators update quicker than the candles?
  9. In this example I placed an order (SPY calls) at the Ask as per quote box and bid ask indicators on the Y axis. Order not filled. Is the price at the yellow marker or at the bid ask indicators? Have seen this on other occasions as well.
  10. When you say updating in the portfolio, do you mean the quotes in Account View? Yes, it does. But bid ask not updating in the quote box.
  11. I'll monitor it for a a bit. As for the alerts, I'm having transparent alert boxes again today.
  12. Uninstalled McAfee. Followed the instructions on Defender config exclusions. Just checked those charts now 11:00 am. Had not updated today till I duplicated the charts.
  13. see screen shot from April 22nd above. The red arrows point to the outline of the alerts box.
  14. Alert box still showing up transparent when trying to add a new alert The only way to get it up is to go to the Account View window & click on an existing alert for a position currently held..
  15. Jerry, those symbols with the :CA extension still regularly stop updating & have to create a new chart as a work around to get current status. Last 2 days in particular they update for a while & then stop.
  16. :CA seems to be working. Thanks Jerry.
  17. Not sure how to check how many symbols I have. I do know that I have to use the .TO to get the charts. A .CA extension appears however in the account view that shows my positions. Just a blank screen with .TO
  18. ETHX.B.TO and BTCX.B.TO After launching Medved the charts update for a while then stop. All my other charts update but these 2 randomly stop. Have to open a new chart, same as this chart, then have 2 updated charts as a work around. Been seeing this daily for over a week now.
  19. I Right click on a chart for the shortcut menu & select Add Alerts. 1st try this morning, I clicked on a symbol in the account view of a position I hold & it came up right away. Then tried clicking on a chart & it failed. Re-tried adding an alert by going back to a symbol in the account view & it failed.
  20. When trying to set an alert, I see a flash & then just blank space. In the screen cap of "invisible" there is a very thin line showing the border of a transparent window. Several minutes later the config wind will appear. Time varies but 1 test took 2 minutes. Running updated Windows on a relatively new Dell XPS, i7 processor, 32Gb. RAM, SSD, 8Gb. video card I put a couple of arrows on the capture to point out top & bottom lines
  21. Sending as per report request from this morning
  22. Thanks Jerry, that helped.
  23. Added IBKR to my list of accounts. Haven't setup IBKR data feed yet, just using Questrade at the moment. Is that the issue or something else?
  24. This only happens on 1 of my screens. Symbol doesn't seem to matter. I can put the same symbol on another screen with identical charts & no flashing. Tried to attach a very short mp4 video but was 5Mb. in size.
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