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  1. Is there a way to mosaic all the open charts all at once? When i select 5 quotes in the portfolio and i click open intraday charts, there are all one over another. I would like after to mosaic the 5 charts.
  2. It will be nice to have a progress bar to show when backfill will finish.
  3. OK i did what i saw on another topic, restart MT and it work !!!!!! Weird.
  4. There is something weird with the alert sound. I have 3 computers. Optiplex 3020, Optiplex 3060 et Latitude E5570. I have a little mp3 sound file that work with VLC on the three computer. The portfolios are the same on the three computers. But... the sound work fine on the Optiplex 3020. It does not work on the 2 others ones. It does not work either with the testing button on the alert editor. The difference between the Optiplex 3020 and the two others : Optiplex 3020 is on windows 7, the two others are on windows 10 version 20H2. The list of sound files in the alert editor are not the same on the Optiplex 3020 and the one on windows 10.
  5. The new Risk/Reward in the drawing tools is super but it will be interesting if we could have an option to have the target (profit) moving with the close price of the day. The profit is the only one who is moving every day. Or we can have a target profit and an actual profit that is moving. I know it's not simple to program. Keep on your excellent work, i love your software.
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