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  1. BIDU during last few weeks. Specifically you can look at Mar 26 during first hour of trading. Essentially any day during first couple hours are specifically manipulated if the stock does not move strongly up or down. When the crook does not need strong movement in some direction, it just goes opposite way it lures to go During end of December and end of January MRNA was heavily manipulated. During earning season all WS crooks have to watch their stocks and the major controlling crook of each stock has nothing to do just to increase manipulation by fluctuation of stock opposite way retail day traders want to go
  2. Where to find latest API description?
  3. The day-by-day behavior of some specific stock you follow sometimes changes dramatically which tells that algorithm is on or off. Since my question is about day trading, fundamental analysis is not applicable because during the day price can change whatever way the major player with his algorithm (i call him a crook or shell gamer) decided. Any volatility indicators i tried do not tell anything. Volume also can be faked up. Meantime intuitively it is often very clear that the crook is here. For that you need just to do few trades during which you may lose a lot because the algorithm for sure reacts on large orders opposite way you want it. When there is no crook you submit large order - price moves - people following you. But when crook is here you submit the order - price moves - and next second it moves hell back even more- you sell at loss - and then crook continues in the same direction you initially intended
  4. Hi there Here is just general discussion question. Clearly some stocks some time are traded by people and some by algorithms. You see that by the speed the price moves one day and absolutely different way another day. Or by toxic movement like Brownian motion which always gets against you. You have almost no chance not to lose in day trading if algorithms are running. They always break all your stop loss setups. They even probably use artificial intelligence to find who are you and learn and create profile of you like in Las Vegas. But do anyone know about some volatility or something like that indicators which tell "keep you wallets tight, the sophisticated crook among us manipulating stock" ?
  5. Jerry, I understood what was very confusing in setting alert It was the condition "When triggered clear after NN seconds" and following it "When cleared restart after .(immediately)" What means "clear" and why it is used here is confusing. Bubble help nearby with couple simple examples would be helpful. Something like this: "When alert is triggered the window will appear in the corner of your screen and possibly sound played if you set it up too. You can allow this window to stay until you manually cancel it or it will be cancelled automatically for which you can setup the "number of seconds to clear". The new such alert will come only when previous one will be cleared. You also can setup it so that it will restart automatically when you set number of minutes from zero (immediately) to whatever you want" I was big fan of QT and its API. Glad you resurrected it in the form of MT.
  6. Thanks, will try. Another questions: 1) What is analog of DOW-mini which i can use to substitute /YM like in Ameritrade? The DOW-mini can be used in extended hours as opposed to $DJI 2) Can Quote Tracker still be used? 3) Were API functions extended in Medved Trader compared to the ones in Quote Tracker? For example is it possible to transfer via port the RSI of specific stock? Or send alerts? Or may be even in principle in some form to autotrade? :))))
  7. Hi, If you setup an alert with the sound notification - for example an alert when volume exceeds 10000 - it works only ones. Yes, it produces written warning and plays the sounds, but only ones for each open stock per day. To start alerts and notifications again it is necessary to go to Menu/Templates/ and click on "Set as default for all" and do that every time notification for given stock was triggered Paintbars for example work no problems and do the job every time the condition is met. But the sound alerts clearly have a bug. Or this is a "feature" ? This was the case also for Quote Tracker if i not forgot something
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