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  1. Thanks. Got it. Seems to work. You have a great program that I have used since QuoteTracker. Thanks for being so understanding.
  2. OK - Plain text! if ((MACDHIST_Histogram >= 0.0)&&Any(0,4,(CCI_Line.CrossesUp(-100, 0)))); { SetColorAndShape(0xFF0A92FF, PBShape.ArrowDn); }
  3. Things are progressing. I would like to require several conditions to exist before placing a paintbar such as MACDh crossing 0 and CCI >0. I have tried to use the If(Any...) command you describe in Advanced Looping to check for a crossing in an earlier bar. But when I do, I get compile errors about integers and double. Are there some declarations I need to make? Error Code: Compile Error at (38,229): Error# CS1593: Delegate 'System.Func<double,bool>' does not take 2 arguments Compile Error at (57,229): Error# CS1502: The best overloaded method match for 'MT.Charting.
  4. Thanks for the quick response. I have run your code and it seems to work but I don't understand all the details. How can Close be greater than SymbolData.High? Is there a list somewhere of the various names of variables available (like SymbolData, close, etc) and to which candles they apply? Also it seems that after each SELL I could compute the gain or loss, add it to a running total and have a complete backtest. Comments?
  5. I am new to paintbars and not fluent in C#. I want to use them to do some simple backtesting. My plan is to use the advanced editor to define the buy point using various indicators and then check the following candles to determine when the price has changed by a specified amount, say 1 %. I can't get the later candles to know the buy price. I think it must involve the "state keeping", but I don't understand what those terms do. Can someone suggest how to save a variable value so that it can be used for comparison in later candles? Thanks
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