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  1. Hello, I have issues with stop limit order. When I place an order, the stop price is always set to zero. The limit price seems fine. It works as intended though, when the price crosses the stop price, it triggers. So it's probably only a visual bug. The same issue also occours on stop market orders. Even when I place the order, on the intraday chart the order capsule at first shows correctly at the set price, but when I reset the ticker, the capsule disappears. Probably to 0. But when I 'modify' the order in a Transactions window, meaning that I enter the same stop price again as I set previously, the stop price is now correct and even after resetting a ticker the capusle order stays at the correct place.
  2. Hello, May I also ask for those files and instructions for level2 etc.. ? Thank you!
  3. Oh i see, it is working now. Thank you for the instructions. Man, the alert system is so sophisticated. It's so superior to any platform I know of.
  4. Hello, I do not know if I fully understand alerts in paintbar, but as I looked into the documentation, everything should be working, but it isn't. My goals is to set an alert, that would be triggered if the closing price of 1min candle crosses a VWAP. For that my code looks like this. if (Close.CrossesUp(VWAP_Line, 0)) { SetColorAndShape("vwap cross up", PBShape.ArrowUp_Hollow, 0xFF93FF99); TriggerAlert("VWAP crossed up", @"Price crossed up the VWAP"); } if (Close.CrossesDown(VWAP_Line, 0)) { SetColorAndShape("vwap crosses down", PBShape.ArrowDn_Hollow, 0xFFFF4E4E); TriggerAlert("VWAP crossed down", @"Price crossed down the VWAP"); } Although, even when the closing price crosses the vwap, no alerts are triggred. So I tried simple scan/alert, that should alert if the price is above 100$ or below. The scanning worked. But no alerts were triggered. I tried to set up the same alert in alert editor and it worked, but in alert editor, there's not enough customization. I need alerts for my portfolio that trigger when prices cross something. Scanning result is simply not enough, since it can be easily overlooked. I hope I am not missing something. Thank you so much.
  5. Thank you, it feels so much better. May I ask, is it updating on every quote it recieves, or is there a limit on how much it updates per second?
  6. Hello, will the faster candle refresh rate function be added in a new beta version?
  7. Hello, I have downloaded the beta version. It already feels better for me. Although, for some reason, Hide Odd Lots works only for bid column. On the right 'ask' column it does not change anything. And if I round to a lot size, the odd lots are blank. I think it would be better to show them as 0. Thank you so much.
  8. I honestly cannot thank you enough. Thank you so much!
  9. Yes, that is what I meant. I meant literally to remove the last 2 digits. so 990 would become 9. What do you mean rounding the prices? 😀 I am sorry, I did not say anything about prices. I guess I worded it badly probably. I meant that, right now there is an option to choose exact # of decimals of prices in level 2. But a similar option related to a volume in level2, or even T&S would be nice. Of course rounding prices would make no sense.
  10. Thank you for you reply. For me, seeing the exact number of shares is a bit meaningless because I look for offers in thousands or even in million. So I would be perfectly fine with cutting off the last 2 digits so that 2285 -> 22, or 599 -> 5, or 75 -> 0. I understand that different sources provide different datas. So I would leave it as a option just like the decimals as # of removed last digits with 0 as default. So when I want to cut off last X digits, volume = source / 10^X I do not know how hard it is to implement, but it would help me tremendously. Also with being able to bold the volume column, that would be prefect. Anyway thank you so much.
  11. Hello, would it be possible to add more options to display level 2? What I would need the most is: 1. Rounding volume to hunderds. I.e. order of volume 34300 would show up as 343 etc. Something similar with the price option, where I can specify number of decimals. 2. Bold the volume column. Right now the price, volume, mm ID etc. font appear the same. Would it be possible to add a bold column option or a different font size for the volume column? Something similar to as in a watchlist. Right now current Level 2 is a bit harder to read. Thank you so much, I am looking forward to your response.
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