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  1. Would you consider adding the number of days until option expiration in the option chain, as you had in QT . . . for us lazy folks? Or am I overlooking it? Thanks for the consideration.
  2. Understand, Jerry. Not an issue.
  3. mmoy: Agree. I don't remember QT having this, maybe it did and I never realized it. It is a great addition, IMO. However, I am finding that it does not size the NAME column to fit? The others seem to work.
  4. Sorry, Jerry. The answer is I did not read and FOLLOW your CLEAR directions. Rather than "Drag & drop the desired columns onto the grid" I was simply highlighting one and clicking on OK. As usual, my bad !
  5. I have managed to mess up the Portfolio. When I go to add a Column it does not show up. I can remove Columns, but can't add them. I have deleted enough Columns to only be using less than half the width of the monitor, meaning there is plenty of real estate on the right hand side. Still when I try to add a Column it doesn't show up. I know that I have clicked on something wrong somewhere. Why? Because it's what I do!
  6. Would you please make it a little larger? Old eyes here. Thanks for the consideration.
  7. CCI Histogram like QT. I like it so much I found a person to write a custom script for me that will do it very similarly in ToS. Maybe I am overlooking it? Thanks
  8. I guess I am just on the chart, have to find the main settings I guess ?
  9. For Extended Hours I have Never, yet Extended Hours are showing ?
  10. Jerry, Long time user of QT. Using TD Ameritrade now. Would love to have beta if possible.
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