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  1. I have multiple monitors, Is it possible to pin the charts to the same screen every time while loading?
  2. Can you tell me how to check if quotes are running?
  3. Issue1: 5.0.1 is not the last price Jerry, it was pre-market low, the spike was not there originally in the original webull chart at 8.27, the low was 7.76, I cleared the backfill but the spike didn't go away on the 3min chart Issue2: price tracking stopped for a few minutes until the market open and cross hair re-appeared, I didn't capture that to show you.
  4. the spiked candles are not going away even after clearing the backfill, here is an example and today I had one more issue, the price tracking stopped for a few mins
  5. How to sync cross hairs across multi time frame charts?
  6. Sorry, what do you mean by |running MT quotes, where would I enable that feature?
  7. I didn't see such a spike during the same timeframe on the actual Webull chart, I brought up the chart without clicking the backfill button. Do I have to click the backfill button before opening any chart?
  8. I still have the missing candle problem,I have enabled webull for backfill but still the candles are not forming or not showing on the charts and there is a long red candle which is not actually present
  9. Jerry Can you please help me understand the smart source and other sources Thanks PENNY
  10. Medved Team, When I drew the horizontal line, the line didn't show but the parameters for the line show when I right click on the exact location where I drew the line. on the chart but when I right click the chart, I see properties page for the horizontal line
  11. what's the different between smart source and others? Should I have an account to select a specific brokerage platform?
  12. I had the default source "smart source" selected in this case it was webull and yes once I clicked on the Backfill with OHLC data the candles re-appeared. What was the issue? Do I need to select a specific source?
  13. Some of the pre-market candles are missing, Sorry I started a similar thread y'day but I lost track of it so creating this topic again I have attached a picture for your reference, ccxi, 1 min chart, 8.20 to 8.30 cst ,no candles. Thanks Penny
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