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  1. How can one plot tic data on the same chart, for the same symbol in 3 minute candles to see the short term movements? I can do this (awkwardly) using a capture program like Snagit, and it is excellent at disclosing 'head fakes,' and for archaeological studies, but takes too much time. When done by hand I end up with relatively wide candles with forensic evidence therein. Ought to be possible in this excellent product....
  2. In excel it takes =1000*(K5-L5)/F5 to get what I wanted.
  3. OK. Help File <search> bombs out on Range % and Range. Where is it ::
  4. Ah, I found it! Another post said Use <shft><ctrl> to select a transfer. I found just sweeping the rows wanted turns them yellow--and deposits them nicely in Excel with <Ctrl> V. Range % might do it. Have to experiment/think. Thanks!
  5. I'd like a portfolio column that gives (HIGH - LOW) * (OPEN) which I can use as a rough measure of value change per period. Compared with other equities, it would indicate hint where the most bang for the buck might be found. Could do this myself if I knew how to export portfolio contents as .CVS to Excel. Or if a "Custom Column Calculation" feature existed
  6. Enginer

    Trailing Stops

    On November 25, 2016 delta88 posted a question in Bug Reporting-Public, that I could not find a reply to The issue was the trailing stop reversing and following the market price back up (or down). This is happening for me, but appears to work correctly when the order is initiated in TWS. Has there been a resolution I have missed? **************************************** Separate issue ----Would it not be possible to program an option whereby the MedVed Trader order entry has an option to set offset ($ or %) and enter a buy (or sell) stop order that fires a position order, then immediately on filling, creates the trailing order automatically? Would be a real time and risk saver.
  7. my only answer, so far. But didn't use to happen...
  8. After a couple of hours of inactivity, MT says the data from IB has stopped. TWS tries to reconnect on it's own, to no avail. Anyone else noticed this? Only happened once while I had a trade open, but was shortly after other activity.
  9. Due to some mistake on my part, or canceled, partly filled orders, my "position" counter got fouled up. Later, tried to close a incorrect position total. I was unable to determine where to reset this position data point. 1) please tell me where.... 2) Please add some text about "position" or "position size" in the Help data file. Sometimes, when Dashboard is on another monitor, clicking on it in MT flashes the Dashboard, but it doesn't stay open. Usually a crisis when I'm trying to restart everything, but generally unhappy occurrence. Could you put another "Exit" button elsewhere?
  10. After an hour on IB Chat, it turns out that tic data only comes with the L1 package. Rep recommended I drop the NYMEX, go for US Value Bundle, (includes NYMEX,CME,CBOE) and is fee-waived with > $30 month commissions. Then add "US value bundle plus" which adds Level 2. With waiver, comes to $5 per month (he says...)
  11. Looks like 10 min delayed. ?????shown between print and current time. My data subs show $6.00/mo for NYMEX...
  12. I subscribed to IB NYMEX L2, but @GCZ16 or @GCZ6 or either :NYMEX do not show any data. Advice, please! (In MT, @GCZ16 shows no data, but Name = DEC 2016 GOLD )
  13. Jerry, Can you point me to where you store files...maybe I do not need to type in ALL that data again...If I can find old files.. Thanks!
  14. This is early days with a problem. Medved Trader is considered a virus by the new (#1) virus software, PandaSecurity. After Microsoft let me down on a virus issue (falsely reporting Not Genuine Windows) I ended up with ATS. They charged me a fortune, and after 3 tries (Microsoft tried 5 times) solved the problem. ATS http://www.advancedtechsupport.com/made me drop Bitdefender and go to Panda before they finsihed. In the meantime they removed my most valuable programs such as Medved, and Snagit. Some they just disabled with MSCONFIG. When I tried to run the Medved Trade install file, Panda flagged a virus, and eliminated the install file. So, at very least, I need a link to a new install file. Perhaps I can talk Panda into accepting it. This post is mainly to alert you to the issue. And ask for a link.
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