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  1. Cool, I'll try to let them know.
  2. Too bad EZBacktest can't partner with you guys...there isn't anything out there to replace it for backtesting pairs trades. Thanks
  3. A program I used, EZBacktest, has just shut down because Yahoo changed their quote api..or whatever a few days ago. Here's another mention of the same issue: https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/1005785-yahoo-finance-api-stock-quotes-changed.html I'm not seeing any problems with MT and Yahoo backfill...which is good, but curious why MT unaffected.
  4. Just found out about your project..while looking for replacement for QT. Great to see it. Assuming it's similar to QT, please consider including more value-based data elements like PEG ratio...which were missing from QT and couldn't be added when I suggested. Others: PE next year, 1-yr price target [see yahoo fundamentals] EV/EBITDA, Debt ratios. Thanks for considering suggestions.
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