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  1. Hi, Is it possible to color an indicator based on a set of rules? I have a paintbar that I use and I would like to plot it on a moving average. Thanks
  2. Hi, Are there known issues with TDA intraday backfill? My charts won't backfill even if I manually force it. Thanks
  3. So if I have two charts open, both 5 minute charts of the same symbol, one displaying regular market hours and one displaying extended session and I draw a trendline alert spanning the last hour right now from 11:20am to 12:20pm I only see it on one of the charts even though the line isn't going through data that isn't available on both charts? See attached, I drew an alert line separately on each chart and it doesn't display on the other. Thanks
  4. Hi, If you set a trendline alert on a chart that is displaying regular market hours it will not display on a chart that is displaying extended market hours and vise versa. Thanks
  5. Hi, All drawing disappear after drawing them, including alert trend lines. The alert trend lines still fire but they aren't on the chart. Thanks
  6. Hi, It would be nice to have a "Total Row" in Account View / Positions. Thanks
  7. I just noticed it's happening with all drawing tools
  8. Hi, Over the weekend I started to get an error every time I draw a trendline. I attached the error...
  9. Hi, Is it possible to make the events indicator show the upcoming earnings? Even if it could just show what's coming up a day ahead. Thanks
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