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  1. Hi, It would be nice to have a "Total Row" in Account View / Positions. Thanks
  2. tommyjames

    Error when drawing a trenline

    Hi, This is still occurring. Thanks
  3. tommyjames

    Error when drawing a trenline

    I just noticed it's happening with all drawing tools
  4. Hi, Over the weekend I started to get an error every time I draw a trendline. I attached the error...
  5. tommyjames

    Displacement on Price Channels

    Yes, shifting them left or right
  6. tommyjames

    Events Indicator

    Hi, Is it possible to make the events indicator show the upcoming earnings? Even if it could just show what's coming up a day ahead. Thanks
  7. tommyjames

    Trendline Alerts

    Thanks for the quick fix. I haven't seen trendlines disappear after the update.
  8. tommyjames

    Displacement on Price Channels

    Hi, Would it be possible to add the ability to displace price channels + or - Thanks
  9. tommyjames

    Trendline Alerts

    Also trendlines disappear and then reappear as you zoom in and out
  10. tommyjames

    Trendline Alerts

    It seems all trendline alerts stopped working after the beta release yesterday. Thanks
  11. That is probably why many are not firing. Is there a way to make it check for triggered alerts when MT starts up so it doesn't miss them?
  12. This is still happening everyday. In this case Apple gapped below the alert and never fired off. Thanks
  13. tommyjames

    1 Tick Chart

    Hi, You can no longer set a chart to 1 tick. The lowest number of ticks you can display is 4 now. Thanks