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  1. jschwa

    intraday charts

    Since last software update, intraday charts don,t update in the morning on startup. Need to Restart then works fine
  2. jschwa

    compare symbol bug

    How about doing the same (adjust for dividends) in intraday charts also?
  3. in "compare" for historical charts , could you add a feature to adjust for dividends ? This would help me. Thanks JS
  4. jschwa

    compare symbol bug

    Fixed ok Thanks
  5. Compare symbol ""show" "hide" not working right show hide
  6. jschwa

    windows 10 update problem

    Hi Jerry ! I reloaded the Defender exclusions as you suggested . After running update for windows 10, MT is working fine. Thanks for your help.
  7. I updated windows 10 three weeks ago .to fall creators version 1709. I couldn't get MT to work after the update so reverted windows back to version 1703 where everything works right. I plan to try updating again this weekend.. What should I do to prevent problems or to help in fixing them in case it happens again ?
  8. jschwa


    No result with HIVE:CA Note: IB TWS uses: HIVE VENTURE gets result
  9. jschwa


    What is the MT symbol for : HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (HIVE.V) TSXV - TSXV Delayed Price. Currency in CAD
  10. Lately , charts are not showing dividends. This is a problem for me and I would appreciate it if this is fixed.
  11. jschwa

    intraday portfolio value

    How can I chart intraday portfolio value?
  12. jschwa

    compare symbol

  13. jschwa

    compare symbol

    It would be helpful if in charts showing a compare symbol value shown is current value instead of yesterdays' close Thanks JS
  14. jschwa

    Anchor disappears

    Personally I'd like it better if the default would be "move to left edge" rather than "disappear" Alternately , Whats the quickest way to restore the anchor once it's lost ? Thanks JS
  15. jschwa

    Anchor disappears

    Do I understand correctly ? If during the day I set the anchor at a time convenient to me ,it may disappear the next day? Do I need reset it to the left edge before I exit.?