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  1. Every so often it seems like a experience a day or two where my quotes stop working in MT. Either the charts won't back fill or real time quotes stop working, but when I check under sources everything is green and seems to be working. Also level 2 seems to not be updating as well. When I restart the software or clear data nothing changes. I had this happen last Thursday and Friday, and again today. First it seems like a few tickers were not updating in real time, and then all of a sudden most tickers wouldn't update. I could back fill and the price could update but it wouldn't even be the real
  2. Is it possible to get Total View in Medved Trader using the TD Ameritrade data feed, rather than just standard Level 2? Is this something you have to subscribe to through TD Ameritrade?
  3. How many can you pull from Yahoo Finance instraday data feed?
  4. Actually it was Trade King which I had an account at and Ally Invest bought them. Got MBT mixed up. I'm trying to scan right now but it's really slow. It's doing 2-3 tickers at a time. Is that normal?
  5. I got the tickers but it seems Ally Invest is only allowing me 250 even though I was an MBT client that came over to Ally.
  6. So I could use Etrade, TD Ameritrade, and Ally Invest And IB and get 2800 using 4 watchlists and then scan using a 5th list? Any idea whats the best way to pull the tickers?
  7. I have IB but I use that to trade through Ninjatrader so I don't think I can use at the same time with MT without logging out. I also have TD Ameritrade and Allyinvest.
  8. Are there any data feeds that MT offers that have more than 1500? Do you think a modern computer with 32gb of RAM be able to handle this without lag?
  9. Is it possible to make a watchlist with say all stocks from $2 to $200 and then run scans on this? I know it will be several thousand stocks.
  10. Is there anyway to not have to type # sign before a ticker for a crypto in binance?
  11. Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1
  12. Hi did you add the custom indicator editor yet? I got an error that says the page is not available for my account when I tried to download the file above.
  13. I search but didn't find an answer. I am wondering if there is a setting to add more decimal places for cryptos that trade on Binance where they are quoted against BTC or ETH and have up to 8 decimal places?
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