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  1. Good enough, I can live with that feature, thanks. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't the victim of some bug.
  2. Yes, talking only about tick data that MT collected from IB (which I understand may be aggregated, but we're talking about the chart changing without the data changing). Here's a photo of the line tick chart that's 5 days old, with its raw data, and another photo of the same chart 6 days old with its SAME raw data. Same specs for both — period 61 bars & freq .05 min. The latter photo shows only one tick charted per bar in spite of multiple ticks per bar in the raw data (e.g., at 11:42:22–23). The cutoff seems to stay at 5 days, but often an older chart stays OK until I change something, e.g. frequency, and then the display goes bad like the second photo.
  3. ??? I already have it set to 999, the max the field will take in the dialog.
  4. Not a new issue, but occasionally is a problem: On data older than 5 days, my line tick chart only displays the last tick in each "bar" period rather than its usual tick-by-tick line. That is, the chart looks just like backfilled data except that (1) the tick data are all visible in the raw data display and (2) my "bar" frequency is only .05 min., far faster than 1-min OHLC backfill. I even have one chart of 6-day-old data that has the erroneous display in the AM and a correct display in the PM. [Edit] Oops, now the PM data also charts wrongly, so there definitely is a 5-day cutoff. I have "Intraday Backfill — Number of Days" set to 10 and "Compress Tick data to OHLC beyond ..." set to 999 days. — William
  5. Fix confirmed. Thank you for prompt help as always.
  6. I keep the same trace link group selected on all my charts. Recently the linking stopped carrying over between sessions. To get the links working I have to do something to refresh the linking on each startup, for example change the link group to a new color on all my charts. They then work fine only until restarting MT. Version 1.1.8835.1 x64
  7. Ahhh, all is better again, thank you as always for your quick help. Yeah, I prefer to see all the jaggies. I don't mind the staircase effect from aliasing when it's the actual price jitters corresponding to the raw data that I'm paying attention to.
  8. Chart resolution has deteriorated as seen by comparing the two attached chart fragments. Pic size, all parameters, scaling, etc. are exactly the same in the two pics -- they are both grabbed from the same chart window that I haven't changed since the July pic. I use a 2-px price line width and ALMA (blue), 1-px EMA (brown). You might be able to discern that on the July chart, the dots of the background grid are visible, but they and all the drawn lines (including volume bars, not shown here) are smeared on today's chart. I can't be sure but I think the change occurred in v.1.1.8735.1 x64. I am on Win10 on a 1920x1200 monitor. As you can see from the y-axis text, I have no problem with resolution of other features like text, nor in any other programs.
  9. Sliding y-axis scale always resets to dynamic on restart. MT version 1.1.6030.1802 on Win10 v1703. I never change chart symbols, use same 5 charts every day -- some with candles, some line tick. Never change any chart parameters (how boring, I know) except (1) to enable/disable display of certain indicators and (2) to select sliding window and set the size to what I was using the previous day, since it gets lost whenever I close MT.
  10. How do I access the bar volumes' EMA (as plotted on chart) in the paintbar code (C#), please? I can't find the right object to reference in the code.
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