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  1. OK, got it. Thanks! Hopefully the "Showing/Hiding Indicators" will be able to be configured to show up in the QAT. Also, FYI, from QT's "Clear Lines" menu, I especially appreciate the "Hide Shapes" option, since multiple Fib Retracements can really muddy up the charts.
  2. Hi Jerry, Please add to Right Click on Chart: "View..." / Hide Indicators / Show Bottom Charts / Show Pre/After Market I use these almost every day in QT and really "need" them readily accessible. Also, is it possible to add a "Clear Lines" menu (like QT) soon? Thanks! Jan
  3. Thanks, Jerry! I've been trying to figure out WHAT the problem could be.
  4. Actually, this problem happened to me a few years ago while using QT, so I can help clarify. It's NOT caused by logging in to ToS software. I do that every day with no problem. The specific problem is: When you are logged in to the TD Ameritrade website, if you go to "My Profile" / "Elections & routing" / "Advanced Features *NEW*", and you see that you are "Eligible", DO NOT click on "Upgrade"! Once you are "Upgraded", QT will no longer work. If you have already "Upgraded" (as I had done), you can call TDA Support to reverse the "upgrade".
  5. My preferred font in QT is Arial Black size 9... perhaps that would be easier to implement than Bold?
  6. Jan

    Symbols for indices

    Yep, that's it. Thanks for the formula, and for the explanation, too! What exact symbol do we need to enter for DAX? (I tried the obvious ones with no luck... $FDAX, @FDAXH14, etc)
  7. Jan

    Symbols for indices

    Jerry, on a similar subject... You once posted that we could use @ESZ13 to get Futures data. Now that it's 2014, what symbol works? Thanks!
  8. I used to subscribe to a system where the guy used a Wiki, but it seemed like he was the only one editing it. I have participated in Wikipedia editing in the past and am open to it if that's what you decide to go with.
  9. I just wanted to weigh in on this: I watch both QT and ToS side by side all day. The "Paint Bar" style of TTM Squeeze available for QT does NOT mirror the TTM Squeeze on ToS. I find the ToS version is much more accurate to trade by.
  10. Ah, 'underwater' -- don't remember ever hearing that name - LOL! 'Night' is certainly the best available choice for me, but I do prefer the green vs black rows of 'underwater'. Depending on what angle you're viewing your monitor, it's harder to see the variance between gray & black than between green & black. Just my opinion...
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