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  1. it used to be possible (2018) to select a line or any drawing object on a chart, then press shift to copy at any time as you drag the object with the mouse... it just worked and enabled fast chart annotation. Now it only seems to work if you are meticulous in the order of key presses: select object, drag to new area on chart, press shift, release mouse button, release shift key. Can you test this please to see if it works as intended, user experience is definitely worse for me.
  2. I can't seem to over-ride the system default bar colour (using paintbars) when bar open == bar close - any suggestions? (It works as expected for background colour, but not if set as candle colour). Thanks.
  3. Quotetracker had a screenshot function (to take a snapshot of a chart) - is that feature available, I can't see it? I know it's fairly easy to grab snapshots but the cool thing about the QT function was the auto-naming of the files, with timestamp and whatever custom format you wanted.
  4. As title - when I copy a line on my chart (right click line, select copy icon on left of the dialog box) the copied line angle is sometimes (not always) different to the original because it will snap to any nearby candle/bar. The copied line should always have the same angle (that's what defines a line!) and be placed somewhere sensible for the user to move (or you could default to placing it above or below the original line depending on the angle from horizontal). I do not want to turn off snap to candles, that feature is useful. Thanks.
  5. Hi Jerry The MACD appears to use EMA to calculate the Signal line (smoothed MACD) even when you select for SMA in the tick box option. The MACD line itself is correct as SMA, so this appears to be a bug. kind regards
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