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  1. Hey Jerry, Any plans to add the Medved SAR that exists in QT? It's a nice indicator and should have a place here, IMHO. Thanks.
  2. I second the idea of implementing the email notification setup for triggered alerts. I also use the implementation of the free automated trading system for use with QT developed by Boogster (http://www.akaboog.com/setting-up-an-automated-trading-system-with-medved-quotetracker-bracket-trader-mailenable-perl/) and popularized and modified by HPT and others. Of course a direct link automated trading setup betwed MT and IB and other brokers would be preferable.
  3. Amazing product. From a charting perspective, it's as good as, if not better than QT. I can't wait to see the alerts module. Hopefully, we will have automated trading, backtesting and optimization too. Thank you, Jerry. You have so far made it simple and easy to set up a data feed, chart and add indicators. I'm sure the strategy development and alerts module will be just as formidable.
  4. Hello Jerry. I've been using QT with IB for years in an automated trading setup. Would love to test your beta! Thank you.
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