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  1. So IB data feed doesn't support this even though their charts seem to be accurate? Which data feed would you suggest? Thanks,
  2. Hi, The Pre-Market Daily charts are not showing correctly. It seems that it is taking yesterday's candle and adding the pre-market to it. (see example: 1. TradingView, 2. IB TWS, 3. Medved Trader. Data for 2020-11-24, 8:45am) Thank you, Martin
  3. Can't wait to try it out, will save so much time Thank you
  4. Hi, Would be great if you could add Percentage to the Sliding Window value. Spend a lot of entering this for each stock. Hope you can easily add this soon. Thank you, Martin
  5. Hi, Would it be possible to have transparency for the Horizontal Line color. I have many horizontal lines on my charts (High, Low, open, close, etc) and would make the candles more readable. Have tried many combinations of dashed and dot lines but just can't get the look I want. Thanks
  6. Nice, Hope you can also make the changes to the stop loss, so that loss dollars always shows. Thank you,
  7. Hi, Would it be possible to make these changes to the chart trading capsule? Thank you,
  8. Personally I much prefer buttons for ease of use and visibility. With hotkeys you need to remember them all and you need to click the chart before you activate it. Both of these factors have led to multiple mistakes in my case.
  9. I have used AutoHotkey and like to have the buttons on each chart, that way I can trade on any chart. The way I would use MT is I watch 11 stocks at a time on 1 min charts, if I see a setup I can quickly put the quantity and click the button, very easy Currently this is how I use TWS but must make a button for each quantity (very annoying)
  10. Hi, For quick orders it would be nice to have the following. I use these button in IB TWS to quickly enter trades at the ask or bid with a preset offset so that all my order goes through. (The buttons with the *Asterix at the top right are armed and execute immediately) But I like your charts better and it would need only 2 buttons and the quantity box. Thanks.
  11. Error log has been sent.
  12. Working again, thanks for the great support
  13. Hi, I have updated through the software and now get this critical error when starting the app. Tried uninstalling, restarted computer and then reinstalled both version (Production and Beta) and always get this error and can no longer use your software. How can I resolve this. Thank you,
  14. How do I get the Horizontal Alert Trendlines that I draw on Historical charts to show on Intraday charts?
  15. How do I do the two following things: When using Autoscroll have the cross-hair follow the Y-axis (price) on the other charts instead of snapping to the close of the candle. Have trendlines from the Historical Daily charts appear on the Intraday charts. If these are not possible when, will you implement them soon. Thank you
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