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  1. Wow, yes this is great. Thank you so much.
  2. On my chart I see the paintbar appear and disappear when I go up and down in .01 increments and I see it is calculating negative numbers as positive. Oops that must be it, time to stop for the day, getting tired
  3. Doing the following but seems that negative numbers are being seen as positive ones. Ex. -0.02 + 0.05 + -0.01 = 0.02 but in my formual it is being calculated as 0.08 public void MainCalculation() { DefinePaintbarParameter("AMOUNT", "Change in Cents", false, 0.01, 1000, 0.01, .01); if ((Close[2] - Open[2]) + (Close[1] - Open[1]) + (Close[1] - Open[1]) > GetPaintbarParameter("AMOUNT") && Close[2] < Open[2] ) { SetColor("Color",0xFF82FF4E); } }
  4. Was looking at the default Paintbars and noticed that "Def: Unusual Volume" had a small spelling error. public void MainCalculation() { DefinePaintbarParameter("VOLPERCENTUP", "Percent Up", false, 1, 10000, 1, 50); DefinePaintbarParameter("MINVOL", "Minimum Bar Vol", true, 0, 1000000000000, 1000, 1000); DefinePaintbarParameter("MINXPRICE", "Min Price", false, 0.0001, 10000, 0.1, 5); DefinePaintbarParameter("MAXPRICE", "Max Price", false, 0.0001, 10000, 0.1, 1000); if (Volume_Bar > Volume_EMA * (1 + GetPaintbarParameter("NUMTOCHECK")) && Volume_Bar >= GetPaintbarParameter("MINVOL") && SymbolData.Last >= GetPaintbarParameter("MINPRICE") && SymbolData.Last <= GetPaintbarParameter("MAXPRICE")) { SetColorAndShape("Vol Up", PBShape.ArrowUp_Hollow, SysColor.VolumeUp); TriggerAlert("Vol Up"); SetScanResult(100); } } I think "DefinePaintbarParameter("MINXPRICE", "Min Price", false, 0.0001, 10000, 0.1, 5);" should be "MINPRICE" Thanks again for your help Now working on Having a 1% change in the last 5 candles.
  5. Yeah I'm not very experienced in code but it would be helpful to have since many people seem to want to add to their Paintbars. I use this for backtesting.
  6. Thanks, And to activate only during standard market hours(9:30 to 4:00 Eastern Time Zone) would need to add what? Thanks again.
  7. public void MainCalculation() { if (this.Count(0, 4, Close > Open) > 3) { SetColor(002525); } }
  8. public void MainCalculation() { if (this.Count(0, 4, Close > Open) > 3) { SetColor(002525); } }
  9. Getting an Error on the Chart (small x besides paintbar name) Compile Errors in Paintbar ID: GHTIJIJTLT, "3 G in 5" Compile Error at (15,208): Error# CS1041: Identifier expected; 'this' is a keyword Compile Error at (75,208): Error# CS1002: ; expected Compile Error at (75,208): Error# CS1525: Invalid expression term ')' Compile Error at (76,208): Error# CS1002: ; expected
  10. Hi, How would I make a paintbar to indicate 3 green bars in the last 5 bars. Thank you, Marty
  11. I'm a day trader and need a fast way to enter and exit trades using the buttons on the top of your charts. But the function I use the most is not available. Would it be possible to add buttons for Buy at Ask with Offset (ex .05) and Sell at Bid with Offset. This would be so useful in my opinion. Have included a screen capture to illustrate. Thank you so much
  12. Hi, Really enjoying the chart quick access buttons to day trade. Here are a couple suggestions which I wish we can have soon. (see included image with order of importance) Thank you so much for you great work. Martin
  13. Not a problem for me at the moment since I trade using the charts and DOM. On the DOM it seems that the price volume appears and disappears at random. Also on the charts there seems to be a bug when using stop limit orders since the price is still highlighted on the Y-Axis (see image)
  14. Hi, Streaming quotes are now working but on the trade ticket bid and ask is not streaming so cannot pin the bid or ask.
  15. The log file has been sent
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