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  1. Can you add Sector field (industry maybe is too long for many industries and can be reduced setting a predefinite numbers of chars) column on Watchlist? 1.1.9230.1 (2021-01-10) ADDED - DETAILED QUOTE - Sector and Industry
  2. Using WeBull, the premarket volume isint' update (but price yes). To fix this problem, Is possiible to add (maybe adding a "PM VOL" column to avoid confusion with normal volume) with data retrieved by sum of shares exchanged in raw data in own listed stocks?
  3. SPY is the best to replace INX (if can't fix it)
  4. ahh ok,,, in WEBULL is... INX or INX IDXSP
  5. when I select symbol in the list of index od WEBBUL for Sp500 symbol is $INX I have a bar with many index... and $INX is halted showing 123.49
  6. waiting and hoping for etrade.... now i switched to webull and SP500 index ($INX) don't work (in android app work well) $SP400 work and if not possible to fix $INX I use it.
  7. nasdaqpazzo

    level 2

    as I told you in email.... "W O N D E F U L" Thank You...
  8. nasdaqpazzo

    level 2

    is possible to implement in MT L2 free book BZX BDGX EDGX and EDGA equities [see the link https://markets.cboe.com/us/equities/market_statistics/book/] Arca (now removed) was the only one free.
  9. ok jerry, I'm in downloanding...
  10. I tried now to open the MT but no error window appeared. Surely I post here the screenshot next time the window comes out.
  11. I've restarted MT with no small windows error. Discard my previous post. no problem Now.
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