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  1. ok jerry, I'm in downloanding...
  2. I tried now to open the MT but no error window appeared. Surely I post here the screenshot next time the window comes out.
  3. I've restarted MT with no small windows error. Discard my previous post. no problem Now.
  4. 1.1.8675.3 work fine. only a small windows error (I close it without a problem) when streaming start: Web Browser "Impossibile scaricare" (I think "Download impossible" in english).
  5. ok, Now i have 1.1.8675.2 I update the beta to 1.1.8675.3 thanks Jerry, do you like my picture ;-) I'm a young 48 years old evergreen...
  6. seems that now is everything okay the streaming (at US Market closed). If there is a problem, I will post it here. Nice job Jerry
  7. the "Chart" and the news show that SAXO has bought BINCK, but my account will work the same as before this acquisition. ok, Try to ask them... maybe in the future you can add another Bank to your Trading list.....
  8. https://www.binck.com/ (I use https://www.binck.it for Italian user) API: https://developers.binck.com/
  9. prease discard my post, don't need this features. The question was my mistake and i can do already the split in the simple way (from watchlist and select the Portfolio ) Thread Closed.
  10. nasdaqpazzo


    is possible to do a split (intraday-historical) in Watchlist without going into Portfolio? Example: adding a contextual menu link that points to a specific section reserved for the charts Split. Personally I use the Watchlists and I always have to open a Portfolio adding a stock to do this one. PS: not urgent but very useful for a future MT update.
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