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  1. gnib

    Databox option

    Where are the options for databox, the little box shown when hovering on a chart showing bar/candle OHLC? I accidentally turned it off, how to turn it on again? Thanks!
  2. Jerry, Vol% still works on QuoteTracker for TDAmeritrade. There are some weird numbers, e.g. URBN has avg vol of 38, and DATA 99, so huge Vol% for them everyday, but it works for most symbols, I don't need to backfill historical charts for their Vol% to show up. Maybe, QT and MT query Vol% differently? Thanks.
  3. Jerry, thanks for explaining the Vol% problem! Appreciate your considering the new options.
  4. Jerry, Would you please add new options to the Extended Hours in Settings: Last Two Periods During Ext.Hours (Last Two Periods) When the market opens, the most useful extended hours information is from Pre Market today and After Hours yesterday, especially if there is earnings or other announcements after close yesterday, hence "Last Two Periods". "During Ext.Hours (Last Two Periods)" basically follows "During Ext.Hours" and shows the last two extended periods only during extended hours. Once market opens, it shows just regular hours. It would be great if there could be some volume requirements for showing extended hours, such as minimum volume or minimum Vol%, but you may have reasons not doing it or maybe too difficulty to implement it? By the way, why is "Vol%" not working at all for TDAmeritrade? It's always empty. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi Jerry, Would you please add four more options in "Intraday Caption Style"? 1. <Change%><Change>(<Period>/<Freq>); 2. <Change><Change%>(<Period>/<Freq>); 3. <Change%>(<Period>/<Freq>); 4. <Change>(<Period>/<Freq>). If I enable "Show Watermark", the <Symbol> on the caption becomes redundant, and the space could be used for something else. Screen real estate is really important. Thanks a lot! gnib
  6. Hi Jerry, I've been using QT since 2008 on TDA. I'm a big fan, would you please send me the MT beta to try? Thanks! Also, I know you did fixes so that QT still works (to some extent) on TDA. The TDA news feed stopped working since last Oct, do you have a (temporary) fix for it? Or would MT fix that? Much appreciated!
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