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  1. Hi Mike, I love this indicator, but it still feels unfinished. It would be a masterpiece if there was a just one more tweak. If we could make the first and second points major fractal truning points - not as an option, but as a fixed thing - then only the very best lines remain. I think that will mean more people will use it. It would tidy it up nicely.
  2. MTG


    Candlevolume charts? Would be nice.
  3. Thanks again. I've been trying to reproduce it. The following plots something quite interesting, but different to MT version. b = Param("b",100,1,1000,1); // number of bars to perform calcs on EMAVol = EMA(Volume,b); // EMA of volume based on 'b' bars of data emamax = HHV(EMAVol ,b); // highest value of EMA volume in last 'b' bars average = Sum(Volume,b)/b; //average volume in last 'b' bars mx = HHV(Volume,b); // highest value of volume over the last 'b' bars. Using variable 'mx' instead of 'max'. croppedVol= max(emamax,Min(average *6, mx * 1.02) ) ; Plot( croppedVol, "",colorGreen, styleHistogram);
  4. Mike, does the first mention of 'max' return the maximum of the 2 parameters in parentheses? It's different to the second mention of 'max', yes?
  5. Thanks Mike. I've never seen this sort of treatment of volume on any other platforms, but it allows a much better visualization of accumulation in microcap stocks which can have enormous one day spikes in volume.
  6. Quick volume question for Jerry/Mike. How do you code "not scale by max" in relation to the volume plot? Thanks.
  7. MTG

    Swing volume

    Hi Mike, I've been looking at how the wave volume works in real trading and I think it's worthwhile, even though it necessarily has some forward looking bias. So long as one waits for the completion of the previous wave, all is good. Particularly useful when applied to a range candle chart. This video explains it nicely. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzpTeFhBvYo What would be most helpful is to color the candle at which the previous wave is completed, as an indicator that the signal is now valid. Thanks for having another look.
  8. MTG

    Swing volume

    Sorry, yes he does use ATR to prevent future leak bias. It's based on Wyckoff method, and that name holds a lot of sway in trading as you know. The coding for it would be very basic. $500 is totally ridiculous, I agree.
  9. MTG

    Swing volume

    Weis uses close for the zigzag, and I notice that's possible with MT. So yes is the answer. Thanks Mike. I think the sensitivity will need to be a lot finer for the % change. Like say 0.00001 up/down arrow increments.
  10. MTG

    Swing volume

    Hi Jerry, A cumulative volume for each zig-zag swing. As per Weis. Separate window. Thanks. Looks like this- https://tradingpsychologyedge.com/weiswave/
  11. Yes I checked that. They definitely weren't minimized - nothing at all was open as depth or charts. However after Win10 updates and several restarts it's working again. Thanks Jerry.
  12. Jerry, MT is telling me I'm not allowed to have more than 2 charts open, and I haven't got any open at all. Thanks.
  13. Hi Jerry, Bell Direct AU can filter the entire stock market (2500+ stocks) based on criteria the user chooses. It has an export facility (circled), and I'm hoping we could have a one click import of the stock codes shown on the page. They'd just need an :ASX suffix attached, and have them appear in the "add symbols" window. . Thanks.
  14. Hi Jerry, The scan start icon isn't clickable for custom scans, only for pre-defined ones. The other day it worked ok. Market is in session. Thanks.
  15. MTG


    Actually this might not work for me. Live data is fairly expensive.
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