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  1. I still find the large Event boxes too obtrusive as they often overlay (and block) part of the adjacent candlesticks. I'd like to request that we have an alternate Event notation, identical to the one used in the current TWS. They are minimal and easy to read. It's not necessary to include the written out date since they are near the bottom of the chart and close to the date axis where the months/weeks are notated, And it only takes a second to move the crosshair over the Event arrow to get the exact date. If we could chose between the two Event styles then that would satisfy those who like those large boxes, and those like myself who dislike them(and keep them turned off). But I'll wager that eventually people will come to prefer the TWS style. John
  2. You wouldn't need to have the dividend frequency information if the user could edit the denominator. This could be a very useful addon.
  3. For several weeks I haven't been able to get IB data. I keep getting the message "Interactive Brokers Problem Notification" and "Interactive Brokers faulted" "market data will not update". TWS is working fine, no data problems there. I've checked the TWS global configuration and I've got the correct lines checked and also a trusted ip address( What else can I do to fix this situation? John
  4. Both my computers that have MT are WinXP sp3. Both are having the same problem with the bars shifted over one hour. But only one of the computers is having a problem with DST. The one I'm on now has the correct time without my having to change it every day. Still, this computer has the shifting problem so could it be something else besides a computer time problem? John
  5. I'm using IBD for data most of the time. The charts are set for extended hours NEVER. But on stock charts, when I set the extended hours to ALWAYS, I can see that the bars are shifted to the left so that trading is shown starting at 5:30am instead of 6:30am (PST) and the trading day ends at 12noon. The last hour on the chart shows the sparse after hours bars from 12noon to 1pm. I can't see how to shift the bars back to the time range where they belong. What can I do about this? BTW, my computer clock is reading non daylight savings time, and everyday I'm re-setting it to daylight savings time. Could this be throwing off the MT clock so that it's not reading the correct time after I change it. Does MT check the computer clock only at startup, or at regular intervals? Or does it use it's own internal clock with time data from an exchange? John
  6. MT Dashboard was showing "Faulted". Checking API in TWS, everything looked correct. Restarting TWS fixed the problem. MT Dashboard shows "Streaming" now. Restarting TWS is always the last thing I want to do, it's such a POA. So thanks for the suggestion. John
  7. I've checked both in QT and MT and the API data isn't being received. TWS is working normally and the IB website doesn't show any system problems. TD Ameritrade data is working fine. Is anyone else having this problem? John
  8. jbclem

    A few questions

    Auto Minimize...I discovered that I have to hold the button down for a short while for it to take. But even then, it works when I access All News and Symbol News, but not with anything else. Volume subchart...I was referring to the empty space inside the indicator section. The volume bars are not using all the available vertical space, only 2/3rd of it in my case. So the tallest volume bar, which should extend almost to the upper top edge of the indicator window, is only going 2/3rds of the way up, leaving a lot of empty unused space above it. This has the effect of visually compressing the rest of the volume bars especially when there is one spiky bar, and when the volume bars are compressed(vertically) it's harder to spot volume trends. On a different note, I need to send you a screen shot of a different problem with volume bars that occurred to day. How do I do that?
  9. jbclem

    A few questions

    1. what is meant by "auto minimize" on the dashboard page. Clicking on it doesn't seem to do anything, and the question mark next to it doesn't lead to an explanation. I'm hoping it's a way to make the dashboard disappear without any further clicks...but so far it hasn't done that. The dashboard has a bad tendency to pop up(and get in the way) even when I click on a separate portfolio tab. 2. on my charts with a volume bar subchart, the tallest volume bar takes up about 2/3rds of the screen/subchart space, leaving a lot of wasted space above it and therefore compressing the volume bars more than necessary. Is there a way to get the volume bars to use a larger amount (ie: 90%) of the vertical space. If there isn't, could you add this to a wish list of improvements?
  10. Problem solved! I checked the View setting for the chart and it was set to allow extended hours. I have been using the global setting in the "dashboard" for this parameter, apparently the individual chart setting overrides it and I had forgotten about that.
  11. Even though I have extended hours set to "never", and also tried setting them to "current day" and then back to "never", the chart always shows extended hours for the current day. It's happening with any symbol I chart. I think this just started occurring after I upgraded to the latest version (1.0.4792.1833), but since this is a very recent installation on a new computer, I might have skipped a version. Is there a solution to this? John
  12. I didn't use MT for a while, then started it up this past Tues or Weds. I ran the update and now have v 1.0.2658.748. Most interesting is that when the updated MT started up and back filled the intraday chart I had up...the problem was gone. That is, starting Mon 4-7-14, the intraday charts are again starting at the correct time, 6:30am, and ending at 1pm PST. But scrolling back through the previous days you can see exactly where this problem started. Up to and including Fri 3-07-14 all the intraday charts begin at 6:30pm and end at 1pm PST. Then on Mon 3-10-14, the chart starting time switches to 7:30am and the ending time switches to 2pm PST. It stays this way until last Monday, 4-07-14, when after the upgrade the chart starting times reverted back to the normal 6:30 and ending at 1pm PST. I checked two different symbols (MYL and TRIP) their intraday charts show the same problem/glitch over the same period of time. I ran QT to compare, but the problem wasn't there. There were 8 updates over the period of this problem. It went away after the 8th update. Daylight Savings Time began on 3-09-14 so that must have something to do with the problem, and also the WinXP Daylight Savings Time bug that I fixed on 3-28-14. But there were 3 or 4 updates after I fixed that bug and the problem didn't fix itself until after the last one. So who knows what happened, but I'm glad it's gone. John
  13. Jerry, Computer rebooted, MT restarted after fixing time zone, problem remains. At 10:20 pm 4-02-14, "Market Opens in" says 9 hr 10 min which would make that 7:30am, an hour late. On an intraday charts the chart starts at 7:30am and ends at 2pm. But on these charts the trading (as seen by the regular price bars and regular volume bars) ends at 1pm. So besides the charts starting an hour late, the trading is ending an hour early. After 1pm there are a few trades showing on some charts but they are obviously after hours trades, with irregular bars (dashes, odd candles with very wide ranges) and very little volume. It looks like the chart hours aren't in sync with the trading hours, so the first hour of trading isn't showing up on the chart. I have a .jpg screenshot of a chart to illustrate this, I can email it to you if you want to see it. John ps...the only reason I'm using Windows XP is that I haven't been able to get MT to run in Windows 2000. Sometime soon I'd like to show you the error message generated to see if you have any suggestions I can pass on to the people who make the Windows 2000 extended kernel and wrapper dlls.
  14. (using v 1.0.2364.1739) My intraday charts are starting at 7:30am and ending at 2pm. I'm in Pacific time zone, Extended Hours are set to NEVER. I'm using US Equity Markets timeframe, which is set at Eastern time zone and Active Market Hours of 9:30am-4pm. Shouldn't there be a -3 hour difference calculated between Eastern and Pacific time zones? It looks like the calculated difference is -2. This is a recent development, it was working ok a month or so ago. My WinXP SP3 had a daylight savings time bug that I just fixed today (using tzedit). This may have something to do with this problem, but right now the computer clock time is correct and the MT charts are still starting one hour later than they should. What to do:? John
  15. I'm just discovering the QAT and after adding some icons I use a lot I've found that they only show up on the QAT for that specific chart. Since these are icons I will use on every chart, is there a way to get them to populate all the QATs. Also, when using the search function to find information on QAT, this silly forum software won't let me search for any word with fewer than 4 letters. I've seen this on another website and I think it's the dumbest limitation I've ever seen. Is there a way to change or discard this restriction? Especially since we don't have help files...how else can I search for QAT, MT, QT, avg, bid, ask, IB, EMA, SMA, AMA, HMA, RSI, and so on. John
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