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  1. Working now. Tried removing account again, then restarted and then was able to login again.
  2. Did update this morning and now getting this error message. Tried restarting and relogging in but didn't fix.
  3. I notice there's a * on all my Index quotes. Don't see anything updating. I tried clearing all quote and restarting but that did not fix. FYI, I all installed latest version today. Any ideas?
  4. Would you be able to add an Average True Range (ATR) [over 14 days] column to the main trading screen? It would be most helpful to be able to have an ATR column right next to the Change column. Then we can see if the stock has already traded it's average on the day.
  5. In QT there was an option to switch between TD Ameritrade servers in case one was slow or not working. I'm not able to find that feature in MT. Is that currently available or will it be in the future? Or does clicking on the green button to start and stop automatically choose a different server? If so, it would ge great to know which Ameritrade server I'm currently connected to.
  6. Hi Jerry, Longtime user of QT... would love to test out your beta. Have AMTD and Windows 7. Thank you!
  7. Also meant to ask if you have any timeline on when will be out of beta or when above mentioned brokerages may be added for trading? Thanks again.
  8. Hi Jerry and team, Will you be enabling trading for the following brokerages? Not just quotes, but being able to actually trade from the below brokerages? Scottrade Etrade TDAmeritrade (think I read you're already working on this) I'm sure there are many others users will be curious about as well in case you have a list you're working on. I'm still using TDAmeritrade with QT and can't wait to make the switch to your new software. Thank you!
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