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  1. I try to change the settings on TVIX historical renko and it stays at 256 or higher..... any clue ?
  2. Thanks...…. that did the trick.
  3. Hello, I minimized two chart sand I can't get them to open up...…. You can see them on the left hand size of the chart on the lower side.....look like phantom tabs....any ideas ?
  4. now most of the symbols are working.... except @CL, @QM, @ZC, @ZN,@6A, etc.... I am using version 1.1.8400.3 x64
  5. I'm only getting stock quotes.... Future quotes aren't coming through.
  6. Hello, I used to use heiken ashi with my charts, but with this latest download I don't see it anymore... now when I go to TYPE when I pull up a chart, in place of heiken ashi is now Hollow ...... did you move it somewhere else ? thanks.....
  7. What is the difference between VWAP and the horizontal VWAP ? I thought VWAP was based on price so why would the 2 indicators be at different places ? Thanks Quentin
  8. Hello Jerry, Can you please send me the MT beta download link .... thanks ! Quentin
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