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  1. I knew I asked this before. Still on my wish list . TriggerAlert("RangeIncrease", "" + ACR_Line) Produces: 09/11/19 11:04:05 PM Paintbar 3013.75 @ESU19 Alert "RangeIncrease" on Paintbar "Average Candle Range Breakout" 0.24 As you can see , quite a bit of text is automatically printed BEFORE the value .24 , so a very wide Alert window is needed to see it. Could use a separate column for the TriggerAlert message component OR put the message before the descriptive text.
  2. ok, got it. for some reason , I was doing everything BUT that/
  3. Nope. Backfilling the primary still doesnt trigger the other COMPARE symbols.
  4. Still having an issue with backfill on charts with multiple symbols. Backfill only works on the primary symbol. It should initiate for all symbols on the chart. If I have 5 symbols , I have to click on each one and do a manual backfill. This is on charts where the symbols arent in an open portfolio , which could be used to backfill all.
  5. Actually haven't had problems using the same symbol for amtd backfill up till now . If I have a problem I'll try the continuous Any idea on the IB throttling? I only have a limited number of symbols using IB backfill, so I don't think overload is the issue
  6. finally got RTY backfilled by IB , but took a very long time
  7. Starting up platforms around noon today, having problem with IB futures backfill not working . No reason for them to be throttling , and it happened last week as well. Any other reports of this ? 15 minutes in, and still cant get a back fill Ameritrade BF works for the same futures symbols . Strangely, es nq YM backfill from amtd, but not RT ??
  8. lol, I do , but not daily. good catch on the Triggersize thing. I JUST!!! added that extra text to remind myself when entering the value, That's what broke the code. I haven't been working with the codebase for some time, so forgot that was the VARIABLE NAME. jezuz
  9. im reading your message now, keep in mind this was working for me fine for many months, so something def changed
  10. This was fine, for a long time but today not working at all. No errors, just not executing when placed in chart. Tired new chart . Same problem Saw it work with some symbols but not others, alert window fired, but no sound alert , etc. Tried reloading MT, no help Cant find version info, think Im running the most recent beta scan.txt
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