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  1. 🙂 busted again , someone there isn't doing their job
  2. Then they have some bug somewhere they should find and fix , was wrong all last week If they just manually enter the data, it will keep happening
  3. Not fixed Jerry. showing -3.40 today only -1 how do they get net change wrong ?
  4. IBKR net change has been wrong every day this week. Not sure how they break a single symbol Correct on the TOS platform, not the api feed MT uses
  5. strange too, the MT tooltip calls it the REFERENCE RATE not the FUTURES contract . seems odd Nothing about crypto follows social norms
  6. indeed it does , nothing confusing about the fact that it says "Symbol BTCM9  " on the tws description screen
  7. the root is BRR , then select a futures contract
  8. as far as i know , Im not paying extra for that , you should have access
  9. nope, no response
  10. CMECRYPTO BTCM9 heres the dump Security Type FUT Underlying BRR IND Contract Month JUN19 Expiration Date JUL 01 '19 Last Trading Date JUN 28 '19 10:00 CST Currency USD Multiplier 5 Exchange CMECRYPTO Trading Class BTC Symbol BTCM9 Product Type Cryptocurrency Settlement Method Cash
  11. no good. I think the original loaded value was from Ameritrade. The IB symbology is not working , getting quotes no prob from within TWS
  12. Something seems broken. The @BTCM19 symbol populates on load but does not update after that . Other futures are fine and a L2 box using same symbol is working fine , just the portfolio screen stalls right away
  13. Why should I notice that , my futures symbols all have the 19 right there on the same port 😤 Thanks
  14. @BTCM9 the IB symbol, not bring up quotes
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