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  1. this is what the @ES volume chart looks like a few minutes after a clear and backfill pretty sure this is ameritrade sending crap all the other futures symbols are stable Edit : changing the symbol to @NQ and back again to @ES on the same chart, cleared this noise, so not sure what thats about. 🙄 T
  2. yahoo is already set to low. and since when does yahoo deliver realtime futures data ? the LAST quote is still streaming live when this problem shows up . Yahoo delivers only slow delayed data only the es is affected by this issue , the other futures symbols are not . think this is problem with the ameritrade data feed , not mt chart totally busted when rollover comes, as backfill is the old contract , and the feed is the new . nice
  3. data point, fyi it just reset itself to normal on its own, without me resetting the feed. not sure ive noticed that before.
  4. Not sure what makes you think that . What other feed ? I only get ES from ameritrade . Heres what the quotes look like right now notice the no change , change last, or name . The price ,lastvolume , and volume remain unaffected these come back to normal when i reset the feed using the sources screen This happ about 6 diff times today As I indicated this only seems to happen sporadically, havent seen it in a long time (ive made no changes to the setup) , and I think its related to the rollover, but not sure.
  5. This probably is related in some way to another occasional bug (happening today) where the NET CHANGE for @ES stops updating. Forcing a relog of the feed brings it back to normal . Strangely , the NAME "E-mini S&p 500" also disappears at the same time. None of the other futures symbols are affected
  6. No , I understood that the wild last value should not trigger the alert. The bid /ask were quoted normally at the time Ill try to capture a case of it .
  7. Think I see this during the period before rollover . Even though theres only a 7500 volume print at the 11:11:38 time , I get 40 bars of junk on the 5000 per bar volume chart. Is Ameritrade sending a giant uptick in total volume ?? Clearing and backfilling clears this . But the problem returns shortly after.
  8. Not sure if this is ONLY an after hours problem, but on % move alerts, getting triggers on late prints that are well out of the current bid/ask range ( by $$$'s ) , even thought that setting is chosen.
  9. As it is , I've been creating wave or mp3's with whatever voice alerts I want, but it would be a lot simpler to just be able to type a message into the alert that would be spoken by the speech engine Also , would enable variable output such as "New High Today " + [SYMBOL] You get the drift.
  10. I had this issue crop up again. Fixed again by loading from a backup . Seems to be caused by a corrupted save ?? Got an error message that said something about the number of windows not matching the layout on one of the attempted loads of the last used layout. The other tries simply caused those not responding errors in task manager, and an unusable MT The backup layout from a few days ago worked fine. I keep MT open for a few days at a time, without reloading. Not sure if that's a factor here or not. Seems kind of random as the last problem was over two weeks ago.
  11. Forgot to mention, the problem fixes itself on market open ! Strange
  12. I switched to Yahoo historical daily backfill recently as Ameritrade historical is very spotty with a lot of new and even old symbols . Noticed that pre market , the dates are screwy on the last few days. I forget exactly the issue, think there was no YESTERDAY date , and yesterday and todays price action was combined. Sorry for the poor reportage here. Take a look at it pre 9:30 tomorrow and you'll see the issue, or maybe you're already aware of it .
  13. If I understand, someone else had the same issue , and it randomly went away ? No problem since on my end
  14. You may well be right . Updating to the new build just as the problem showed up confused the issue , adding another variable. If it was the AV , then it was triggered by the latest Windows Update cycle, as nothing else was changed here
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