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  1. Never noticed that before , any reason for doing it that way ?
  2. Im on a roll today. for some odd reason , while a SCAN is running, and there is NO filter, tiled charts uses the filter. Standard grid is working properly ,on same port lol, good thing Im a programmer, I get it
  3. cant edit the inline custom play sound in alerts. need to use the file manager drop down prob dark theme related.
  4. prob dark related cant edit the custom play sound string in alerts . can still change via file manager , but not directly .
  5. strange. as I said, you could simple cancel the existing order and replace it with the modified one on your end. any reason not to do that ? basically, thats what the user will have to do, and is an extra step in recreating the order
  6. Simple buy order is working as intended, so its the ota leg thats the issue
  7. Simple ota on Ameritrade. Cant modify that ? This is before the parent is executed Basically, even if they didnt allow it, all you'd need to do is cancel replace Stating the obvious, Im sure you know this 😊
  8. How come I cant drag the capsule up or down on an active order ? This is on the chart trader. I know this was working recently
  9. stock777

    4K monitor support?

    Been using 3840 x 2160 on a 4K TV for years , never had a problem with sharpness at 125% Maybe you are using a different rez? 4096 x 2160 ?
  10. Houston we have a .... This scan is not saving the parms , zeros on reload of MT Noticed the scan description text does not update to show the current % used when you enter a value. Also , APPLY button not activating when I enter new values
  11. Still seems to be some issue with restarting MT or waking after sleep an the new login, its asking for the credentials each time. Loaded the new beta today
  12. 😄 I know I've mentioned this before , but I keep forgetting to turn on the portfolio SCANS . Should be a no brainer to have a DELAYED Autostart option, say 2-3 minutes after loading. Should be no stress on the loading process at that delay
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