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  1. yes, I'm aware of that and use it at the size Im using to fit a reasonable number of charts in a fixed space, the relative size of LAST and % change is on the small side % in particular is smallest, looks like that could be tweaked higher without losing any screen space for the chart
  2. The price and percent change font is on the small side, and hard to read , if you're fitting a lot of charts in a port. Would be good if it could be about 50% bigger, or adjustable by user. Is actually smaller than this screenshot on my screen .
  3. stock777


    Glad I checked in here. TDA futures backfill still not working as of tonight, and I forgot YAHOO was useable for that
  4. They, would be the datafeed . In this case Ameritrade
  5. No idea why their SPCE number is wrong, unless they are using some very long denominator.
  6. Is this a calculated figure or coming from the broker feed ? seeing a bad # for SPCE at only 2.9 million, its way more than that
  7. stock777

    IB Lite and MT

    Ok, so MT does not work at the moment with IB LITE. Too bad. Surprised it took me this long to realize TWS was being supported with LITE . Pretty sure they didn't offer it at the start, but see posts from late DEC that talk about the access
  8. stock777

    IB Lite and MT

    I just realized that you can use TWS as a LITE customer. Pretty sure that was not the case on launch They appear to block API access.... does this mean MT wont work with IB if you are under the LITE plan ?
  9. Noticed this for a while. Have an alert set to fire at 4pm, playing a wave file. Often it does not fire . There is no audio, and nothing in the Alert log. Not sure if you have it printing to the alert log , but is the audio poss being interrupted by other audio alerts ?
  10. Haven't been using MT to trade via Ameritrade much, but ran into a problem today Shorted a stock with an OTA Buy attached . The short executed, but Ameritrade rejected the buy as 'account not allowed to BOX ' thinking I was selling and buying at the same time . Additionally , I could not clear MT of the buy order , it just remained on the screen no matter what . Something going on with the buy to cover logic ???
  11. Could we have the 'filters' saved between sessions. Anyone using more than 1 Alert log would be using a filter to limit the alerts .
  12. lol, using ini generically. we know you're more advanced than that! will try that method, hopefully it will overwrite the stale entries
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