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  1. stock777

    Straddle pricing

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is correct. Bid+Bid / Ask+Ask Guess not too many MT users using that feature 😊
  2. stock777

    Straddle pricing

    just looked at the straddle bid/ask in the options chain looks screwy to me
  3. stock777

    High CPU usage

    no , that wasnt it . Did some debugging , seems to be related directly to the chart performance setting . Have to bring it down to below 50% to get decent cpu usage.
  4. stock777

    High CPU usage

    didnt check my email. will do that now
  5. stock777

    High CPU usage

    see anything Jerry ? something I can try on my end to narrow it down ?
  6. stock777

    High CPU usage

    will do, market is closed now (4:30) still seeing constant spikes , so we know its not the quote stream (at least not the volume of quotes)
  7. stock777

    High CPU usage

    Thanks slowflyer
  8. stock777

    High CPU usage

    Seeing an issue with the latest beta , very high constant cpu use. 30-40% on a 4 core. Turned off all ports so only some charts running , didn't make a diff. How do we narrow down what thread is causing this . For reference, Im running TOS and TWS an both use 1/2 the cpu (<20 each)
  9. stock777

    Automatically enable SCAN

    I get all that but..... I always back fill my lists (none of which are huge) so the mini inline charts are accurate. I expect many or most do the same Would be simple enough to just start the scan AFTER the backfill for that portfolio is done, or using a simple time delay . Two or three minutes would be long enough for things to settle down, Since It's something I do EVERY day (turn on the scan) having that the only thing not automated seems strange. If someone is running scans in two , three or more ports, you have to press F11 , and START scan for each one . (If theres a hot key for this ,Im not aware of it ) Just doesn't seem to me that it would break anything to have this as an option.
  10. I keep forgetting to manually turn on portfolio scans in the morning I don't see the downside in making them autostart , as an option
  11. stock777

    CME Globex - Regular Hours holiday

    Jerry, you missed adding Xmas to the system timeframes for CME Globex - Regular Hours Happy Holidays
  12. stock777

    Strange IB Futures chart wierdness just cropped up

    Figured you'd nail it fast enough Wanted to report it quickly, as that could be a problem for someone staring at a 'frozen' chart while futures were ripping one way or the other I have an app that provides audio feedback for the futures (hooks into the IB Api) , so I know when they are in motion.
  13. stock777

    Strange IB Futures chart wierdness just cropped up

    As a data point, it affect ALL futures charts, and each one had to be 'tweaked' separately to get the data to flow Yes, Im sure you can , but nothing like the real thing 😉
  14. stock777

    Strange IB Futures chart wierdness just cropped up

    You prob won't see the problem tonight. Suspect the downtime and restart triggered it.
  15. Just saw this tonight. Using latest beta I have all my futures using IB , and chart timeframes set to CME Globex Regular Hours, and Extended Hours set to Always. This way I see all the data ,and you color the extended hours automatically. Somehow the charts stopped getting data after the 6pm restart. All of them (ES , NQ, etc) Quotes were fine and streaming. Just fiddling with the Globex timeframe settings resumed the data on the charts. That's all I can tell you about it. Any reason this might have happened. ?