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  1. very good, since you already have a description filter, you can customize any alert to include a keyword , that can be used to isolate alerts to a given window
  2. I might be the only one to want this, (maybe not) , but I use the alert system for some audio feedback on futures. Works ok , but it tends to fill up the alert log since they fire so often . Would be nice to have a checkbox "Don't Show in Alert Log"
  3. Attempt a short at a price well away from the market for a a few shares , see if it goes through I'm finding Ameritrade has a very poor availability on anything but the most liquid stocks .
  4. I never underestimate the amount of work involved, having programmed myself for 40 years. Was thinking about the the News Alert specifically, where the alert fires based on a simple TRUE/FALSE condition. currently , its a string match Adding a RegEx engine , optionally in place of the simple string search, which would also return a true/false , seems fairly straightforward.
  5. How hard would it be to add a more sophisticated scan criteria to the Headline scanner. Pretty sure there are open source RegEx modules that can be plugged in without too much effort , would be helpful.
  6. Not much in the way of explanation anywhere
  7. Can we add a control for the color of the quotes. The red is too dark to be comfortable, if you keep the screen dim.
  8. This might be the bug of the year Have an up and down audio file playing on alert . The up alert is fine . Plays every time The down alert only plays every OTHER trigger. Tried this manually (press play) . Tried swapping the wave file with the up alert wave . Same issue Seems to not be a problem in actual usage, thats what I was investigating. (sound does trigger at each event) . Never mind, merry Xmas!
  9. Ok, the workaround is moving one of the small columns to the far right, so desc can be sized. I see you do a mouseover over the news with the new Stock Details app, why not add that to the alert box ?
  10. pleased to report that a 10+ years old program not updated for 3+ years , works better at virtual desktops than MSFT's up to date code. who else is not surprised ?
  11. Not really a bug, but could use a tweak. In the ALERTS LOG , when a news alert hits, you can see the headline in the alert, but only if you click on the DESCRIPTION column not so bad, but the clicking forces the description column to the left of the screen . This means you have to manually drag the scroller back to get the columns to the left of it back in view. Better if it didn't move at all. Even better, and possible I think , would be the mouseover to work without any clicking. Kill two birds.
  12. So far , so good. 10000x better than the ridiculous W10 implementation, and haven't seen any of the issues I reported (yet) I think they actually hide the window off screen, not sure how W10 does it.
  13. lol, tell you what, the built in VD is so heinous, I've loaded up Dexpot to see if it runs well enough to use Billions of dollars and they cant work up a usable VD product at MSFT They could have paid the dexpot guy a few 100k and had a world class utility
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