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  1. i rarely see that , must have been something backing up the feed
  2. just got the latest beta update, and dont see that message now
  3. What is that pending message next to the Scan Running text on the bottom ? looks new to me
  4. I was thinking, how annoying it is to have to press 4 keys to start a scan on a port Then I thought , I should ask for a hotkey to do that Then I realized , damn, I forget you could add stuff to the ribbon. Lemme check this Yep. One keypress . In case anyone else forgot 😮
  5. ok, not a big deal, just wanted to let you know
  6. just installed the latest beta , , getting these lines through chart prices like 1111 on MOST, not all, instruments.
  7. small thing but looks like we have to open the portfolio editor to edit the Notes field Would be easier if we could edit it inline , with a hotkey or click on the notes field itself.
  8. stock777

    Pace & periods

    Example If I said last DAY / period 5 , what would be the calc for that would it be a rolling 5 bar average ONLY for the last day ?
  9. stock777

    Pace & periods

    I read the help file 😁 Maybe you could expand on what going on with the settings there, finding it a bit confusing as to what its actually doing between the two setting.
  10. aha Lots of settings, rarely used or looked at. Who can remember them all Didn't make sense that it would be per chart only , without an option for global. Thanks
  11. Not sure I understand that Are you saying the text IS global ? If so , its not working for me. I put text on a chart ,and other charts with same symbol do not show it .
  12. I would have thought it would carry over to any chart using that symbol, but guess not. Wouldn't it be more useful that way ? Possibly an option "This chart only OR All charts with this symbol" ??
  13. stock777

    High CPU usage

    I made some changes to the Vwap SD settings , used 360 , not 999 Seems to have reduced to usage some Is there some way you could do a Current DAY SD that would be optimized for low cpu use ?
  14. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is correct. Bid+Bid / Ask+Ask Guess not too many MT users using that feature 😊
  15. just looked at the straddle bid/ask in the options chain looks screwy to me
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