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  1. doesnt happen all the time, were you able to catch it ?
  2. latest beta, the all news screen is not stable. it flashes every second or so . think we've seen this issue before.
  3. 😀 I really thought this request wasn't much different than what you already do with the global scans. You know how the sausage is made, so I defer to your judgement
  4. I think you're suggesting you don't have the 'total volume' stored in the database, so it would have to be calculated., where price is a single data point. Well, if thats a deal killer so be it (posted this before reading your reply) Are you talking about the ability to run more than one discreet scan (they would run serially, as many as the user stacked) in the same port ? That would be nice.
  5. Well, totally confused as to what the diff is. Global alert is for all open ports , no? What's the structural diff between detecting the % price move in X minutes, and % volume increase in X minutes?
  6. cmon Jerry, you know me better than that GLOBAL ALERT Moving Up/down % You have a within X minutes options
  7. Same way you get the % change in the last X minutes If that's not an issue, neither should this be.
  8. I thought you had access to current volume , without needed to add up bars If so, then all you need to do is Take last SIZE, subtract from CURRENT VOLUME, and divide that new value by SIZE, to get the % increase in volume Im referring to. Size last X minutes = 50,000 Current volume =200,000 200,000-50,000 = 150,000 150,000/50,000 = 33% increase in size over last X minutes If somehow you don't have current volume as a single data point, then you'd have to calculate it. Not sure why this is any harder than the % price move scan already built in
  9. hmmm.. thought if you already have volume increase data, all you need is the current total volume to calculate what % increase that represents.
  10. yes, Im aware of that Figured this , as a built in , would be a lot cleaner and available to all.
  11. There is already a GLOBAL volume increase by SIZE. What would be very useful is a GLOBAL volume increase by X% (of total volume )in X minutes. As is it, high volume stocks keep popping up on the scan , as they frequently have large blocks . I know this can be written in a scan, but since theres only 1 scan per port, its not practical.
  12. i thought so, but not wasnt worknig for me at the moment with a certain chart just tried it again, and it worked . something is flaky all backfilled except 1 , strangely. had to do that with a manual (right click on symbol in the chart, bf) ill keep an eye on it .
  13. I have a chart with a bunch of symbols, but backfill only works for primary symbol. I do not have an open port with the symb to use backfill all from there Something I can do for this ?
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