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  1. Thanks Mike, I can sort of see what you're saying, but if I thought I could do the kind of backtesting I'm envisioning right now on MT I wouldn't be looking for apps . What I think I'm getting at is this: Let's say I wan't to backtest a simple EMA crossover on a 65 minute chart, and I want to see what the P&L is for trading SPY for a specific three month period that I knew was a market downturn in 2015. ideally I would just need to plug in the OHLC at 65 minute somehow, then select the two different EMAs I want to cross, then somehow click on "run", and it would then show all instances of
  2. I've been looking into different backtesting apps recently, and it occurred to me that MT is possibly already well on its way to getting some kind of backtesting feature implemented if the choice were made to do so. The reason I say that is that paintbars are done, and essentially all the indicators have now been implemented. And it seems that writing and saving paintbar rules creates various logic operations using specific indicators, including the "and" "or" as necessary, and might form a good foundation for some kind of simple backtesting app for ETFs and Equities? Option backtesting would
  3. Hey Jerry, what I mean by the polygon thing is like what you've now done to an indicator like CCI, where the peaks above 100 and the valleys below -100 are filled in with color (these filled color areas I think of as enclosed polygons, but I guess more accurately are just enclosed areas). I'm just asking if the same could be done for RSI above the 70 and below the 30? And now after playing around with the horizontal line indicator I totally get what it's supposed to do. Very cool tool indeed. And I just checked in QT and while it's much simpler, I'm embarrassed to say I never "discovered"
  4. I'm assuming that you'll have Keltner channels as part of the mix at some point? Also, it would be nice to have the same polygon screen effect for RSI as indicators like CCI. Maybe that's in the works too? Also, I'm curious about the "Horizontal Line" indicator... when I select it I would expect it to show a horizontal line that can be dragged up and down, with the value shown wherever it lands. But nothing is shown on the chart. What am I missing? Thanks, Dave
  5. Super! I just got your email for the download for MT beta, and look forward to checking it out...
  6. I'm a long time user of QT, and have had the thought more than once about having at least one of the "lower indicators" being able to display above the chart. So in essence if I was using three "lower indicators", I might have one of them above and two below - keeping the same vertical space requirement as it would with all three below. Not sure if this would even be feasible in the design of MT, but if so, maybe in some future version?
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